Back in my younger days, I never really weighed the practical (or esthetic) reasons for buying a quality firewood rack. In fact, the one I built using an old wooden pallet and some 2 x 4’s was anything but conventional and man was it ugly. Now that I’ve “grown up,” I’ve come to appreciate just how well constructed a quality firewood rack needs to be to keep wood seasoning properly and just how good looking a nice rack can be. If you’re in the market for one, however, you’ll quickly discover that there are several rivers to cross concerning rack construction, air flow and esthetics. Here are three tips to help you find the firewood rack that’s perfect for your place.

Think About Air Flow First


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The most important thing for a good firewood rack to accomplish is to allow air to easily flow around the wood. This will help dry and season the wood slowly, drawing moisture out from the center of the logs evaporate away slowly. You’ll want to make sure the rack you choose allows logs to sit well up off the ground to avoid any contact with snow or moisture.

Durability is Key


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Wood racks (like my old pallets) are not the best for allowing air to circulate and any part touching the ground will eventually rot. And while plastic racks are more weatherproof, they don’t hold up well in super cold climates. They also lack strength and can easily be cracked when you’re tossing wood on. In the end, solidly-built metal racks that are weather treated to prevent rusting are the best way to go. If you intend for your rack to be outside in an uncovered area, a quality cover is a must.

Sizing and Aesthetics Count


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Where are you going to place your firewood rack? If it’s out by the barn, it probably doesn’t matter, but if it’s going to be on your front porch, how does it look against your house? How big a rack do you want on that front porch? A cord of wood measure 4x4x8 feet. Most commercial racks are built to hold 1/8, ¼ or ½ cord. Perhaps you’ll want to consider purchasing more than one and have them flank the front door or stand side by side. If your rack is going to be inside, by the fireplace, does it complement the style of your fireplace and home? Since a fireplace is generally a major focal point in the room, having a rack that blends in naturally is something you’ll want to consider.