I like tying flies. Except for when I have feathers flying up my nose, fingers covered with glue crust, and miscellaneous animal parts littering my desk. Which is most of the time. Sure, I get the creativity, the history, the cultural attachment. It’s very cool to catch a fish on your own fly. I wish I could be John Barr, or even Dan-Bob. But I’m not. So I’ve decided to focus my efforts on 10 patterns, and buy the rest, because for $2 I’m more than willing to yield to the talents of the good people in Thailand or Sri Lanka.

The 10: 1) Woolly bugger, 2) Pheasant tail, 3) Parachute Adams (transpose materials to make BWOs and PMDs); 4) Joe’s Hopper; 5) Elk Hair Caddis; 6) Muddler minnow (for reasons previously explained); 7) Prince nymph; 8) Stonefly nymph; 9) RS2; and 10) San Juan Worm (because it is a crime to pay more than a nickel for a fly that takes 23 seconds to tie). What am I missing?

I think I’ll put the cap back on my head cement now.