Vaya con Dios, amigos. I’m on my way to the bottom reaches of Tierra del Fuego in Argentina, beyond the Rio Grande, to the town of Ushuaia, then onto the Rio Irigoyen and Rio Malenguena. If all goes right, I’ll hook into some monster brown trout (up to 20 pounds). I’ll be fishing with one of my favorite guides in the world, Patty Reilly of Wilson, Wyoming. The weather report predicts a nice, light puff of about 45 mph steady, periods of rain, and temps in the 40s. So much for the warmth of the Southern Hemisphere … at least I’m bringing plenty of Simms layers. I hope to post some pics while I’m there … if not, I promise do do so when I get back. It’s my impression that these are two of the southernmost trout-laden rivers on the planet. I’m packed. I have my game face on. I’m bringin’ the whole can with me … Anyone with any last minute advice, I’m all ears.