The Total Outdoorsman's Guide to Knives

How to wield, sharpen, maintain, and survive by the outdoorsman's ultimate tool

There’s this ancient Faroese proverb: “A man without a knife is a man without life.” Centuries later, those words hold up and resonate with the Total Outdoorsmen, because, quite simply: We love knives. We rely on knives for hunting, fishing, camping, and survival. We have EDC knives, because we can’t imagine ever not carrying a knife. We give knives as gifts and hand them down as heirlooms. We take care of them, sharpening and stropping the edges till they can pop the hairs off our arms. And we collect them—because you can never have too many knives.

Which brings us back to that proverb: As timeless as its message is, we can’t help but want to modernize it so it better reflects this golden age of knives we live in today: “A man without a dozen knives—at least—is a man with a lesser life.”

Knife How-Tos

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