In “Blood, Sweat & Deer,” whitetail experts Jared Schefler, Jim Hole, Randy Flannery, Jeff Simpson, Drew Myers, Mickey Hellickson, and Garry Greenwalt reveal their extreme late-season buck tactics. Here, they dish on the gear that gets them through hard winter hunts.

Onxmaps Hunt
1. onXmaps Hunt “This software is indispensable for locating public land and identifying property boundaries,” says Schefler. “It’s also great for positioning drivers and posters exactly where they need to be.” ($30 and up; onXmaps
Salomon X Ultra Prime Hiking Shoe
2. Salomon X Ultra Prime Hiking Shoe “These are lightweight and rugged,” says Schefler. “They keep my legs from getting tired, and they’re great for sneaking.” ($100; Salomon
deer gear
3. Hockey Tape “Anything that clanks gets wrapped,” says Hole. “No exceptions.” ($6.27; Submitted
Ka-Bar Full-Size Black Knife
4. KA-BAR Full-Size Black Knife “Besides three compasses and three firestarters, I always bring a heavy sheath knife,” says Flannery. “It’s perfect for building a makeshift shelter in case I have to stay overnight in the deer woods unexpectedly.” ($96; Ka-Bar

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Zeiss Victory HT 8x42
5. Zeiss Victory HT 8×42 “If you’re willing to stay in your treestand and wait for any good bucks to leave the feeding area before getting down, it’s worth investing in a great low-light binocular,” says Simpson. “With this one, as long as there’s snow, I can see and gauge the reactions of deer in full dark as I slip out.” ($2,350; Zeiss
Spot Gen 3 Satellite ­Messenger
6. Spot Gen3 Satellite ­Messenger “This unit will save your life if you get lost,” says Myers. “It has three main settings. The first is a simple ‘911’ for a true emergency. The second is ‘I’m O.K. but will be late,’ and the third is ‘I’m O.K. but need help.’” ($150; find​­me​ Spot
Remington 870 Rifled Slug
7. Remington 870 Rifled Slug “Mine has an extended magazine for follow-up shots, and open sights to quickly get on close, moving deer,” says Hellickson. ($463; ­remington.​com) Remington
Hoyt Carbon Spyder FX
8. Hoyt Carbon Spyder FX “I keep it set at 83 pounds,” says Greenwalt. “If I hit the shoulder by mistake, the arrow will blow right through it.” ($1,499; Hoyt
Sitka Fanatic Jacket and Bibs
9. Sitka Fanatic Jacket and Bibs “There’s nothing better in really cold weather,” says Greenwalt. ($399 for jacket; $389 for bib; Sitka
Cabela’s Heated Socks
10. Cabela’s Heated Socks “Sounds like a lot for socks, but it’s the best $250 I’ve ever spent,” says Greenwalt. ($250; Cabela’s