_A few weeks ago, Field & Stream deputy editor David E. Petzal did a guest post for us on the difference (or lack thereof) between men and women hunters. I know we got a kick out of commenting on the topic, so Mr. Petzal — endlessly accommodating gentleman that he is — agreed to do another. (Note, the photo below is actor Jake Gyllenhaal in the movie “Jarhead,” not editor David E. Petzal, but honestly, they could be brothers!) -K.H.


Can You Take It?
Thank you for all your kind comments. I was especially intrigued by the comments on women getting colder than men, and men picking on each other. I don’t think women get any colder than men do (unless their clothing is inferior, which I doubt nowadays) but men simply don’t admit they get cold.
When I was a kid, back in the middle of the last century, one of the prime factors in how much respect you got from your peers was how well you could “Take it.” Take what? Take anything. Cold, heat,Jarhead teasing, pain, you name it. We would punch each other on the upper arm to see who could endure the pounding longer, and God help him who quit first, or cried, or said, “This is stupid.” He was done. Finished. If you would like a perfect illustration, see the movie “Jarhead” (which also contains some scenes with Jake Gyllenhaal’s naked butt, in case you’re interested. Personally, I prefer his sister’s.)
Eventually, we became conditioned to this way of thinking. A couple of years ago I was hunting Cape buffalo with a friend, and we were walking maybe 10 or 15 miles a day. After a couple of days of this he allowed how his toe was annoying him, and took off his boot. He had a gouty toe that was the size of a ping-pong ball and colored purple, red, and black. How he even walked on it was beyond me, much less what we were doing, and never a word.
But then he is of my generation. I have no idea what one of today’s kids would do in the same situation. -D.E.P.