So here’s a nice lake trout I took one late October afternoon while trolling in Lake Champlain. A chartreuse Rapala did the trick. The fillets are in the freezer.
Trolling is a lot of fun, I think, if you’re the one driving the boat. In that case, you’ve set up the speed and depth, picked the lure spread, and you know to run the lures along ledges and edges where you expect the fish to be. There’s a lot to this for the guy at the tiller.

If you’re a passenger just sitting there waiting for a bite, trolling can be the most boring thing on earth. It can be a long time between strikes. In that case, I’d rather be casting, preferably working a lure on structure or other specific targets, if only for the sake of doing something.

The trolling versus casting argument is old and never ending. The simplest answer, of course, is to just do what works.

Oh, yeah. Happy Halloween!