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Bass strike but miss lures for a variety of reasons—your retrieve is too fast or too slow, your lure is the wrong size or color. But this still tells you two important things: where the fish are, and that they’re in an aggressive mood. They’re catchable, too, if you cast back immediately. The key is using a totally different lure to draw an impulse strike. These four combos will knock bass out this month:

[1] Spinnerbait to Light Tube Jig: Flashing blades and vibration attracted the bass. Follow with a tube that sinks slowly. Snap the tube with your rod to create multiple falls, mimicking injured forage.

[2] Floating Frog to Small Jig: Bass often miss frogs they only hear amid heavy vegetation. A finesse jig falls slowly and is easy to see. In more open water, slight twitching makes the jig deadly.

[3] Topwater Buzzbait to Plastic Worm: The buzzbait triggered the surface strike. Follow with a worm rigged weightless and wacky-style so it produces a vibrating fall that hovers in front of the fish.

[4] White Hair Jig to Shaky-Head Worm: A white hair jig brought the bass out of cover. Twitch the worm as it falls to keep bass interested. Shake the bait on the bottom to pull bass in for a hit.