wingbone call
A classic skill with deadly results. Jamie Chung

The beauty of an old-school wingbone call is the organic feel to its sound, which can fool toms sick and tired of the calls hunters today carry around in their magnetic vest pockets. Here’s how to use one of these ingeniously simple calls to fool a gobbler.

Pucker Up

Insert the small end of the call between your lips—either in the middle, or slightly off to one side—and form a very tight seal. The call should just barely extend into your mouth.

Grab Hold

Grip the larger end of the call between the base of your thumb and forefinger. Create a flared bell with this hand, and cover with the cupped fingers and palm of your other hand. Open and close the hand positions for a variety of sounds.

Plant a Smacker

To create short clucks, suck air in as if you were making kissing sounds. For yelps, extend the kissing inhalations and suck in air, then drop the lower jaw slightly to create the two-note break of a hen yelp. Practice makes perfect. Tell your wife you are getting ready for your anniversary night.

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