If flyfishing were a real competitive sport (which it’s really not) who, from the mainstream world of college or professional coaches, would be the ultimate “flyfishing coach?”

Bob Knight? He flyfishes like a demon, we understand, but he’d chew your hide after a bad cast.

How ‘bout the ol’ ball coach … Steve Spurrier? He’d find a way to cover water in a hurry.

Of course … Phil Jackson … the “Zen Master” meets the river. A natural.

Bill Belichik? Another natural … because the only thing missing from his sideline attire is a pair of Simms waders.

Maybe Joe Torre … Sign me to an MLB contract, and I’ll fish for him, any day.

I must say, however, I’d be most eager to put on a winged helmet, and throw a little spread offense at the trout under the University of Michigan’s new football coach, Rich Rodriguez. It might take some time getting used to the system, but you can be darn sure I’m not planning on fishing in a sweater-vest any time soon …