summer fried food recipes
Photograph by Christina Holmes / Food and Prop Styling by Roscoe Betsill

Seriously, just look at this mess. Your kitchen is ­covered in flour. There are hot-oil spatters everywhere. And, oh great, you just got a grease stain on your ­Sunday-best sleeveless T-shirt.

No getting around it—frying food is a labor-­intensive and messy affair. But we dredge and batter and drop grub into sizzling oil anyway. Why? Because deep-fried food is so good, it’s sinful, and because nothing says summer like a corn dog and a root beer. We know it’s been a while since hunting season, but we’re guessing that you can find a couple of wild-card packages in your freezer that’ll work with at least one of the recipes featured here. If not, you’ll have some grocery shopping to do on the bullfrog swamp and catfish pond. Also, just to be safe, you might want to stock up on some napkins.


Tempura Fried Frog Legs

After a night of gigging, here’s how to fry delicions, flakey frog legs. Get the Recipe for Tempura Fried Frog Legs

Fried Catfish Po’Boy Sandwich

Few fish taste better than fried catfish, and this sandwich is the perfect recipe for it. Get the recipe for Fried Catifsh Po’Boy Sandwiches

Venison Corn Dogs

This state-fair favorite gets a wild twist with deep-fried venison sausage. Get the recipe for Venison Sausage Corn Dogs

Nashville Hot Fried Quail

Keep a cold drink close by, because the recipe is red hot—and so delicious. Get the recipe for Nashville Hot Fried Quail

Wild Hog Tonkatsu Sandwiches

Japanese Tonkatsu sandwiches are cruncy, tender, and delicious. The sandwich gets its crunch by frying the pork in panko breadcrumbs. Get the recipe for Wild Hog Tonkatsu Sandwiches