Over the summer, I spent a lot of time chasing bowfins. They’ve kind of become a new obsession, and as most of my obsessions go, it starts out just wanting to catch the fish any way possible. That meant cut bait. From cut bait, I moved on to frogs. After I got my fill of frogs, it was time to try fly. Problem was, bowfins live in some super-nasty, weed-choked stuff. Streamers? About impossible. Regular hook-down topwater flies? Not happening. So I started tinkering and came up with the “Slop Buster.” This articulated popper with an upturned wide-gap hook and materials that act as weed guards is the only thing I’ve found (so far) that will stay clean enough in the junk. Whether you’re a bowfin freak like me, or want to get after pike and bass in heavy salad, you might give this bug a try.