We have a friend named Tosh Brown that’s an outdoor photographer. He’s starting a publishing company for writers. Go figure…

Tosh wants to challenge the traditional avenue people are published and give a chance to, “facilitate a select list of accomplished writers who are challenging the traditional boundaries of sporting and expedition publishing. Instead of continually churning out volumes of comfortable and habitual writing, we’re looking to occasionally publish something really unique.”

Check out a list of subjects he’s looking for consideration.

Know anybody who wants to get published in the outdoor arena? Have that special story that no one else will even look at?

Visit Departure publishing to have a shot at winning the first signed book they’re going to publish here. It’s going to be called The Alaska Chronicles and basically is a memoir kept by Miles Nolte who transmitted via satellite Internet a semi-daily account of what it’s really like to be a fly fishing guide on a remote Alaskan river. Departure is turning that dialog into a book.