Spinning-reel design changes relatively little from year to year, which makes Doug Hannon’s WaveSpin reels almost shocking to look at. The serrated upper spool lip looks sort of like a circular-saw blade. I’ve fished one off and on for about a year now and still can’t get used to the look.
When I get a novice fisherman in my boat these days, this is the reel I give them to use. A mid-size model sells for about $90. The serrations on the spool make it much harder to screw up and tangle. Slack-line loops that are sometimes trapped against a spinning-reel spool by careless or ignorant fishermen cause tangles much less often with this design. Instead of being pulled off the spool in a dreaded snarl when cast, slack-line loops tuck into the spool “teeth” and unwind in normal order without knotting.

Fisherman generally are slow to change, and this reel is certainly a new idea. Have you tried one yet? Or would you?