Okay everyone, it’s time to gather around the table, and give thanks for all things flyfishing (or not). This year, I’m giving thanks for:

Rivers (of course). Filled with trout. Or bass. Especially steelhead and golden dorado. And thanks for another year of safe floating and wading. Thanks for oceans. Flats fish, especially tarpon. Striped bass. Even bluefish. And sharks.

Bugs. Well, maybe not some bugs, like mosquitoes. But I’m definitely thankful for drakes and grasshoppers.

Thunderstorms. Because there are few things as beautiful as a front moving over the mountains, or across the lake. I’m especially thankful for the lightning bolts that do not, in fact, set my hair on fire while Timmy and Nate insist on fishing like fools on the Colorado River.

On the topic of beauty… I am thankful for women who wear waders. Especially the Mrs., and I hope this proves, once and for all, that the answer to “do these make my butt look big?” really doesn’t matter.

Thanks for Wal-Mart, because without those endless aisles of cheap imported crap, I wouldn’t fully appreciate drinking a mug of coffee and shooting the bull in a good-ol’ American fly shop like I do.

I’m thankful for Gore-Tex, Aquaseal, wool socks, SPF 30 sunblock, polarized glasses, DEET, peacock herl, and Budweiser.

And I’m thankful for good family and friends… those I fish with, and those I talk about fishing with right here. Happy Turkey Day everyone!

Am I leaving anything or anyone out?