By Anthony Bartkowski

After taking a beating on the entire week, I have changed the home waters. I moved predictions to Lincoln Hills Fly Fishing Club on South Boulder Creek in Pinecliffe, Colo. This change was made for going a miserable 3-2 on the featured picks, and 6-8 on week #4 picks. For the season I stand at 39-23.

Dirk’s Bridge is my crystal ball as it is a loaded hog pen of trout. Just reflecting back to last week’s fishing I am drooling in anticipation. My five hardest games to pick are below and the flies will do the telling. If you are wondering how this magical process works, it is simple, put these flies on the line during the year. What fly gets whacked the most captures this week’s pick.

Call me foolish or your selection of words, but the theory works.

San Diego (1-3) at Denver (2-2)

**AK’s PMD Quill at Platte River Special

Lincoln Hills has been a sanctuary of PMDs all summer, and when the fishing gets tough pull a streamer off the bank and hold on. This will be a tough battle between both flies and the teams at Invesco Field on Sunday. San Diego is rebuilding with an entire new coaching staff while the Broncos’ true colors are changing like the Aspens around Pinecliffe, Colo. I am going to hang my hat with Denver this week but not put a lot of points on the contest as you may find a slurping trout holding in the deep hole that wants one last PMD. Denver pulls ahead on a last second cast.

Baltimore (2-2) at San Francisco (2-2)

**Purple Prince at Para Madame X Royal **

Two outstanding flies and two average football teams… This almost seems unfair in trying to see who will win. If you walk up far enough at Lincoln Hills toss both flies on as hopper/dropper set-up and see what you will scare up. This is bound to turn many heads and pull fish on a 50-50 basis much like both squads. The Purple Prince produces consistent strikes as the Madame X floats just a little off balance in the pocket. Look for Baltimore to stymie the 49ers offense and improve to 3-2.

Jacksonville (2-1) at Kansas City (2-2)

Barr’s Natural Slump Buster at Red Asher

When in doubt toss a streamer and search for hidden trout, and the Slump Buster is bound to produce consistently. The trick with the Slump Buster is to dead drift it with a dropper and let it swing. At Lincoln Hills the swing can provide bountiful nets. The Red Asher can trick a few. Both flies will net the same, however the trophy sized trout will belong in the net thanks to the Slump Buster. Jacksonville wins.

Detroit (3-1) at Washington (2-1)

Blue Damsel Hi-Viz at Red Ass Soft Hackle

Both squads line up again for the first time since 2004, and both are dramatically different. The Detroit D is like swiss cheese, while Washington’s D is stout. The Damsel’s are flighty and never consistent so look below the surface for your action. The Red Ass is how Detroit will feel after the can of whoop ass is embarked upon by the Redskins.

Chicago (1-3) at Green Bay (4-0)

**Miracle Nymph at Colorado Green Drake **

The frozen tundra of Lambeau field will have another mid-way battle between two nostalgic teams. Even though the records don’t line up and there is quarterback controversy in Chicago this will once again be a classic battle between the hash marks. Let the drakes fly hi and land softly on the surface to see a crashing trout. My favorite hatch is done for the year but I still yearn for next year’s hatch. On a cool fall night in Green Bay, the Packers will fill the net for a 10-point victory.

My rod and reel are packed for another weekend of grid iron action. Next week’s report will come from the Taylor River in Almont, Colo. where the residents there are the true definition of HOGS!!!