By Anthony Bartkowski

I finally claimed winnings in the office pool, going 11-5 overall. It was not first but second paid out enough for a nice lunch. I am sticking with the same flies as last week and will feature only five of the 14 games. I have selected those that are the toughest to decide upon and will be looking into the magical waters of the South Platte River system to determine the outcome, which provides greater visions than the ESPN’s Swami Chris Berman.

I was finally able to spend a day in my recliner with the remote, junk food, beer and a large screen TV to observe the action of NFL Sunday. For the season I am a combined 33-15. May the winning ways continue into the Super Bowl in Phoenix, only 131 days away.

Five teams are still in search of their first victory, while five others are trying to remain perfect.

Game #1:

Baltimore Ravens – Purple Prince

At Cleveland Browns – Chernobyl Ant

Is it possible to have Cleveland at Cleveland? The dog pound will be rabid with passion for their former squad. One of my great tips for hot summer fishing is hopper-dropper-emerger. Put the foam Chernobyl Ant on top as the indicator and drop the Purple Prince below followed by an emerger and set your drag. When a fish sees this set-up they will change their minds in favor of the stylish purplish prince. The Prince drowns the Chernobyl Ant in a close 3-fish margin of victory.

Game #2:

Green Bay Packers – Colorado Green Drake

At Minnesota Vikings – Pyscho Purple Prince

Green Bay has picked up where the Green Drake has left off. There are still a few hidden spots on Colorado rivers where a Green Drake will pull lurking lunkers off the bottom. The perfect 3-0 mark could be tested in the Metrodome. The Viking’s rookie sensation Adrian Peterson appears to have some Pyscho moves of his own. If the presentation of Favre’s attacks can be consistent and steady the Pack wins by a passing touchdown to give the long lasting veteran another NFL record and improve their record to 4-0.

Game #3:

Denver Broncos – Platte River Special

At Indianapolis Colts – Zebra Copper John

Denver welcome to the house that Peyton built. Let’s look at the similarity between Peyton and the Copper John creator John Barr. Both have genuine personalities and the ability to captivate an audience. More importantly they both have a sixth sense in their competitive environments in able to command great respect. The Platte River Special is a good streamer, but when put up against a stylish offensive attack of Barr’s flies, Denver will be going home with a 2-2 mark while Indianapolis proves their determination for post season play.

Game #4:

Philadelphia Eagles – Hi-Viz Olive Parachute Hare’s Ear

At New York Giants – Bloody Mari

Before going into this week’s matchup, did the throwback uniforms of the 1930-something Eagles make you want to pull out a bamboo rod and silk line? It must have worked as the Eagles were able to throw 56 fish into the net for their first win. Will the blue collar fans of Philly be filling the airwaves with “keep the throwbacks” or will the green and silver of the Hi-Viz Para Hare’s Ear return to roll over for the Bloody Mari’s New York Giants dysfunctional team? Here I sit on the bank surveying the back eddy and toss just flies into the water. The false hatch speaks to me with great confidence to stick with the Eagles in week no. 4. The defense swarms Eli Manning and frustrates him while Donnovan lets loose for a 10-point win in the Meadowlands.

Game #5: MONDAY NIGHT… Dun Dun Dunnnnnn

New England Patriots – Parachute Adams

At Cincinnati Bengals – Red Copper John

Do you want to burn out the drag in your Hatch Reel? This is the game that will test that it. Wrap your line around Randy Moss and Chad Johnson and see who falls behind. This would be a great test to capture on video one day. Don’t look for this contest to be settled early and retire to bed. Look at the patterns and over the last five years they have provided ample quantities of consistent hook ups. Just based on tradition and longevity, the John Quincy Parachute Adams’ Patriots pull out a six-fish victory and improve to 4-0.

Hopefully this insight into a magical back eddy of water and opened fly boxes helps you claim winnings in the office pool.