hunting camp gear
The kazoo, a lesser-known camp essential. Max Temescu

▶ “Don’t forget the kazoo. Uncle Rodney once shot a buck moments after blowing one he’d bought at a dollar store, and he now swears by the method, hence the rule.” —Joel Brosseau

▶ “If you’re going to make coffee, none of this two- or four-cup stuff. Look where you are: Hunting camp should borderline rival Starbucks.” —Ian Oscar Thorson

▶ “The new guy always does the dishes, even if he’s been going to camp for 20 years. Until someone new shows up, he’s still the new guy. It serves as motivation for inviting other hunters.” —Aaron Robinson

▶ “Biggest buck buys pizza. Or biggest doe. Or whoever saw the biggest deer. Or whoever saw any deer. Someone buys pizza. There must be pizza.” —Chris Thornton

▶ “Please, if asked to bring a movie, leave Deliverance at home.” —Brad Houser

▶ “Sing ‘God Bless America’ each morning and believe in it.” —David Zumbaugh

Fare Warning

We rank readers’ favorite snacks, from savory to skippable

Essential: “Jerky, be it venison, beef, bison, moose, or fish.” —Marcel Charles Bauer Tillamook
Sunny D and a Moon Pie
Solid Choice: “Moon Pies and SunnyD, obviously.” —Aaron Landis Sunny Delight; Moon Pie
Only in a Pinch: “Lunchables; it’s a tradition.”—Rob Hipple Oscar Mayer
Homemade zucchini muffins
Stop, and Step Away: “Homemade zucchini muffins with protein powder.”—Jesse Warren Tasha/Flickr