Well, it’s not really a wet t-shirt contest, but dang close… Got your attention though didn’t I?

Thought I’d start monday out with a laugh. This has to be one of my favorite fly fishing t-shirts of all time. Most of my t-shirts (surprise, surprise) have to do with fly fishing. It’s not that I go and seek them out, although I did with this one. It comes with the territory of any industry. Free t-shirts and travel coffee mugs for some reason seem to be the swag of choice for companies trying to promote their products.

After digging through my drawers last night I thought there must be some pretty good shirts out there. I know I have a couple. Think you got a funnier fishing shirt than this one? Something totally hilarious or tacky or downright ugly? I wanna see them.

Send your submissions to We’ll pick the “best” and throw it up here for everyone to laugh at.