Whether you’re out back edging the patio with a weed whacker, splitting a cord of wood, or doing some serious chainsaw work in the woods, eye protection is absolutely essential. And while wearing safety glasses is better than not using any eye protection at all, nothing protects your face and eyes better than a full face shield.

Sure, you may look like an alien and wearing a full face shield in hot weather isn’t exactly fun, but your eyes, face and even your chin, depending on the model, will be shielded from flying wood chips and debris.

Look for models with scratch-resistant, high-impact polycarbonate lenses. Check out reviews online to see how well models handle fogging. For comfort, shields that weigh less are generally more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Here are some smart choices to consider.

Top Pick

This model will prevent foreign objects from striking you from the neck up. Honeywell

Full face shields can be comfortable while offering excellent protection from dust, flying debris (think chainsaw work) and even chemical splashes when filling sprayers to fertilize your garden or food plots. Look for models with ratchet headband adjustments and a soft forehead band for maximum comfort.

Great Value

This option is entirely adjustable for any job. Amazon

Several manufacturers offer combination setups that feature a hard hat, face shield, and hearing protection all in one. These rigs are ideal for chainsaw users or those working around log splitters or portable sawmills that create high decibels that can damage your hearing.

Comfortable Fit

This choice includes a storage pouch. PRO-TECTIVE EQUIP

Goggles are nice because they afford good eye protection, but they can’t protect your face or chin should a chainsaw kick back suddenly or something fly up and hit you in the mouth. For small cutting chores on the job site or in the shop, however, googles are a better choice than safety glasses.