National Secret Revealed… The Contents of Deeter’s Fishing Vest:

Two fly boxes. One, a neatly-organized Wheatley box with nymphs and dries. The other, a Cliff box with a mish-mash of tiny little bugs I don’t feel like organizing. Streamers? I stick a few on my hat.

One pack of stale sugar-free gum.

Two spools of tippet (5X and 4X) clipped through a pair of Dr. Slick hemostats. One spare 4X Rio leader. One Fishpond nipper on a Simms zinger.

One tube of gink, one tube of dry-shake, and one Spudz cleaning/drying cloth.

One packet of Boss-Tin non-toxic weights. Approximately 137 loose lead split shots in the pockets. One canister of tungsten “Mojo-Mud.”

1000 Chilean pesos. (Apparently I thought I could catch a bus or something if I got lost in Patagonia two years ago.)

One guitar pick (I have no idea why). One black Sharpie pen (apparently for writing story ideas on my forearm and hands when the inspiration hits). Four Thingamabobbers, and two yarn strike indicators.

One section of discarded fly line, knotted on both ends to measure exactly 24 inches long. We don’t use a tape, people. If it’s a two-footer, that’s a trout. Everything else is relegated to guesswork.

One tube, Beyond Coastal 30 SPF sunblock, one Simms/Dermatone lip balm. One nail knot tool.

One vial of aspirin, expiration 10/2006.

This feels like those movie scenes where Jake Blues is released from Joliet, or Austin Powers is unfrozen. Whaddaya think? Lean? Heavy? Something missing here? What are you packin’?