I figured I’d do a news post today, and while I could have talked about closer-to-home issues like potential revisions to state venison donation programs, the absence of CWD in Pennsylvania deer tested after last season, or the efforts of Montana environmentalists to reinstate federal protection for wolves in the northern rockies, I got sucked in by this unlikely little item. Pittjolie
According to this article (random source, I know) mega-stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have gotten the attention of a group of French boar hunters. The celebrity couple recently moved into the 17th-century Chateau Miraval, a 35-room, 1,000-acre property near the village of Aix-en-Provence, which they will rent with their rapidly growing family for the next three years.
The estate, however, happens to be a favorite of area deer and boar hunters. Last year, its owner, Tom Bove, reportedly hosted a party of 65 sportsmen on the property. But now, local hunters are nervous the new tenants will decide to ban hunting for the length of their stay, and have begun appealing to Bove, asking him to ensure that the grounds will not become off limits.
Even the local Mayor of Correns has weighed in, citing concerns for the valued vineyard on the chateau property. “Hunting here is part of the local tradition,” he’s told the press. “Boar and deer are harmful. If you don’t hunt them, you don’t get grapes.”
Well, all I can say is that the next time I rent a 17th-century French chateau with a helipad, two swimming pools, and a swan-filled lake: mi hunting lands es su hunting lands. -K.H.