Are there any places that are better for fishing now than they were 10-20 years ago? You know the story … “Man I remember when you could fish here and throw dry flies all day, and catch big rainbows, and never see any other people …” I’m sick of hearing (and thinking) that.

We’ve dealt with droughts, and whirling disease, and pressured waters that get hammered, over and over. And the days of knocking on the door and asking for permission to fish are all but over in many places. Yeah, I’ll admit to feeling some writer’s guilt for having kissed and told.

Maybe you can lift me out of my doldrums. Do you know places where the fishing is better now than it was? It’s an intentionally loaded question. You don’t have to name names.

I will add this: The signs of good things ahead are everywhere. The Great Lakes region has seen big snows this year; looks like the lakes will avert record low levels and rebound some. We have good snowpack from Montana through Colorado, signaling healthy river levels for the season ahead. It appears that wildlife officials might even have a solution in the works for whirling disease.

But what’s the good news, now?