My younger brother is a pilot. He’s been flying for years and has thousands of hours in all types of aircraft.
He recently bought an airplane. Yes, that’s right – I said he bought an airplane. I can hardly believe it myself. It’s not just any airplane though. It’s a modified STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing) M-7 Maule with huge wheels, a big wing and weighs next to nothing.

What you ask does this have to do with the Fly Fishing blog on F&S;? Come on people!? This isn’t an airplane. This is a magic carpet ride to any fishing, anywhere. Seriously. This thing can land and take off within 200ft. That’s short, really short. Take a look at this video of him using water to assist his landing on a sand bar in this “unamed” river.

It’s got me thinking, where I could possibly fish that would be totally out of the question before for time constraints or sheer physical impossibility. I know it’s over the top, but I need some suggestions. If you had this airplane where would you fish? Is it a high mountain lake, a remote barrier island, a stretch of river that’s only accessed by a week long hike?

Help me out with some ideas and who knows, we might just take you…