Which Two Burner Camping Stove is Right for Me?

The best portable camping stove for you depends on how complicated your meal plans are.

The portable two-burner propane camping stove is essential equipment for campers, tailgaters, park picnics and beach days all over the world. They’re clean, portable, and store in tight spaces, and they give you a stable platform you can use to cook two different things at once.

This is not a complicated piece of equipment, but there are different models on the market, which vary primarily by price, heat output, and temperature control. The kind you pick depends on the kind of cooking you plan to do with your stove. Here are two outstanding products that illustrate these differences.

You kind of like to cook.

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One of the best things about camping is how it makes simple food taste great, which means you don’t have to think too hard about your meal plan. If your camping menu mostly requires boiling water and frying bacon, you may not need an expensive two burner stove. Cheaper versions put out less heat, have less fine temperature controls, and don’t have push button ignitions. But they’re half the price of the expensive models and will cook simple fare with no trouble.

You really like to cook.

The best two-burner stoves put out the most heat and have finely adjustable knobs for controlling gas flow. Amazon

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The best two burner propane stoves are also the most expensive, but they give you a wider range of temperatures to cook on, plus finer control over how hot things get. This is handy if you’re pulling off more complicated meals that are easy to burn or won’t come together properly under just the right heat. Expensive stoves also include nice-to-have features like push button ignitions, stainless hardware, and durable cases with carrying handles.