I was amused to read the results of a recent Southwick survey that asked anglers and hunters (separately) whether or not they would be likely to buy gear from companies that support conservation of wildlife and fisheries resources.  (In flyfishing, such companies would include Orvis, Patagonia, Simms, Scott, Sage, Redington, Rio, Scientific Anglers, etc.)

A whopping 67% of hunters and 52% of anglers stated that they are “much more likely” to buy products from conservation-supporting companies, and 22% of hunters and 29% of anglers said they were “slightly more likely” to buy products from such companies.

But my question is, who the heck are the 14% of moron anglers who said that companies’ support for conservation had no influence whatsoever on their purchasing decisions? (Aside from the dopes who didn’t care enough to offer an opinion…) Probably the same people who keep everything they catch, leave litter on the side of the river, and complain about the cost of fishing licenses.