Seriously. Wanna hit the river with Tim and me? Full-day float down the Colorado River (or on the river of “what’s happening now” in Colorado). And what’s more, we’ll take photos, write a mini-story, and post your exploits right here on Fly Talk, for the whole world (of web-surfing, Fly Talk junkies) to see. I’ll be honest … I’m already conjuring up headers like “Bob foul-hooks record quantities of whiteys” … or “Susie sets world mark for slow reaction on dry-fly takes.” But who knows, you might pull a stunner, and I’ll be honest about that also. In either regard, I can promise it will be a very fun, interesting and informative day you’d enjoy and remember. You’ll get our very best effort.

We’ve donated this trip to an important cause, the Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska, which is working to stop the Pebble Mine that may ultimately threaten the last great wild salmon fishery on the planet. All joking aside, it is a very important issue worth your support, on any level. Fish with us, and you’ll also pick up a pair of wicked-good Kaenon shades and other goodies … like learning “Deeter’s Death Rig” which will never be printed. And who knows, if you fall out of the boat, maybe Romano will track you with his “helmet cam.” (See the current issue of F&S; if you’re wondering.) If you want to talk about writing…photography…we’ll be your captive audience.

Please check out the group’s auction link RIGHT HERE to see a full slate of numerous quality trips and great items you can bid on to support a worthy effort. Or if you just want to cowboy(girl) up and go right for the Romano-Deeter ride, click THIS LINK HERE.

We hope to see you on the river!