I love flyfishing in the salt. But beyond the rods, reels, and lines, the truth is, saltwater and freshwater flyfishing are two entirely different sports. Why?

1. On the river, the cast matters zero; on the flats the cast is paramount.
2. On the flats, your fly pattern selection counts about 1/10th what it does on the river or lake.
3. You fight saltwater fish with a low rod angle, and put the pressure in the line/reel; pull that stunt in freshwater and you’re done.
4. On the flats, there are fish that can eat you; on the river, there are rapids that can eat you.
5. On the river, you want those flies to dead-drift toward your target; in the salt, the fish aren’t used to their food attacking them.

So here’s my question: Is it easier to go from the ocean to the river, or vice versa?

– Deeter