And so we reach that penultimate time of the North American flyfishing season… when most business has been wrapped up, our raccoon-eyed tans are starting to fade, and all that’s left are those all-too-precious days when we locals (and the beyond-sick die-hards) get our last licks in, and wonder, “If they’d only been here to see this…”

So my question is simple and straightforward: Who, among you, guides or otherwise, has packed it in, and who’s still pluggin’… and are you grateful or sad, having done so?

I think back to my lifeguard days… many years ago… when the best waves always happened at the end of the season. I always fancied “the Hook,” for what’s that’s worth… and for the first person who can tell me exactly where “The Hook” is, and why they call it such… well, I’ll send you a $200 fly rod for your effort.

Man… I’m going to miss this fly season. But this has been a very, very good one. Who’s still crankin’, and who’s now thankin’?