There are plenty of villains in the sporting world. Anti-hunting activists, wrong-headed policy-makers, PETA members, poachers – it’s easy to find people who give other hunters grief or hunting itself a bad name. Think about those negative influences too much, and it’s hard not to worry about the future of the sport.
So in the spirit of focusing on the positives, who are the heroes in your hunting life? Specifically the women you’ve met who have had a positive impact on your field career. Maybe a female guide taught you a great deal. Or a fellow sportswoman turned into the world’s best hunting partner. Or perhaps a mother, friend, or workshop leader got you into hunting in the first place?
I know I’ve grown from the experience and plain old enthusiasm of plenty of females I’ve met along the way. I can think of women in the outdoors industry and female guides whose knowledge and passion definitely helped me grow as a hunter. Although I personally don’t know any one woman who’s had an overwhelming impact on my own hunting life, I’ve spoken to other people who credit mothers, friends, and even daughters with having a great influence on theirs.
So, from public figures to hunting mentors to your best friend in the field – who’s your hunting hero? -K.H.