Bowhunters looking for convenient gear storage need to borrow a page from the turkey hunter’s handbook: Wear a vest. Most of us know all too well that retrieving items from a day or fanny pack is like reaching into a grab bag. Your stuff is so jumbled together that you don’t know what you’ll pull out. A vest, on the other hand, gives each tool its own pocket, where it’s accessible the second you need it.

The Primos Bowhunter’s Vest ($55; 800-622-8076; shown here features pockets and compartments designed specifically for archery gear. It’s specially tailored not to interfere with either your bowstring or your drawing motion. There’s also a sleeve in the back to slide your safety harness through and a strap that holds your bow at waist level and at the ready. The bottom line is that this vest keeps all your vital gear right where it should be: at your fingertips.

LARGE UPPER POUCH Keep your clippers handy here for trimming branches that could obstruct your shot.

SMALL MESH SLEEVE Slide your grunt tube here for easy, no-fumbling access.

LARGE LOWER POUCH This is a perfect pocket for your rangefinder or compact binoculars.

SAFETY HARNESS SLEEVE This large, sturdily hemmed slot lets you wear your harness under the vest and simply clip in when you get to your stand.

PLENTY OF EXTRA POCKETS Store flashlights, wind checkers, extra gloves, deer drag, rope, and more.

BOW-HOLDER STRAP Place the bottom limb of your bow in this no-catch strap and you can hold your bow at the ready without tiring.