Greenmt01_08_2Does anyone else have the winter fishing blues?

Every year around this time I decide I’ve had enough of it, I absolutely have to get out and fish. Every year I come to the conclusion that it’s usually a bad decision.

It always sounds like such a good idea the night before… Yeah, it’ll be great! We’ll get up early, drive for two hours, rig up as fast as humanly possible (so as not to get frostbite), slog through three feet of snow to the quarter mile of tailwater that’s open for fishing. After we get to said spot we realizie the sun will never make a full appearance in our little spot of canyon and curse ourselves repeatedly. After an hour of catching nothing but bottom, rigging and re-rigging a solo fisherman with a pipe wanders past. Of course we make the mistake of asking him how his fishing is. “Managed a few”, he says. He also mutters this same sentence a hour later as he wanders back through our spot.

Time to go.

We’ve had it. Time to take off our ten layers, get back in the car and drive. Of course, it’s sunday and ski traffic is at a standstill. What should have taken two hours takes three and a half getting home.

I got skunked yesterday and I’m bitter. All I wanted was one fish. I didn’t want to ski, snowshoe, icefish, or watch TV. I just wanted one fish on my fly rod. I know Deeter hung up the waders months ago. Maybe I should have listened when he said he was done…

I’m done until March, when the blue wings start hatching and the temps warm up. Or so I say…