It’s been a fairly calm fall. Everyone is hunting elk, deer and ducks. But can’t ignore the fall fishing around here. Since a couple of years ago, fishing was closed Nov 1 to trout, so people were out fishing for whitefish. Releasing trout if one got on. But now fishing is open year round, some of the access landings are close. After the big flood in September on the Snake, October was great. Big fish on streamers, October Caddis and on the right day, Blue Wings. The South Fork is good as well, people fishing streamers, white/black and JJs, of course the un-mentionables are red hot, chartreuse being the color. The flows are as low as its going to get. Try the shorter floats or walk/wading in your favorite holes. I did a memorable day early Oct on the Green, floating through the Seven Mile. On a cast and blast day, numerable 20 inch browns were caught. Of course, the biggest fish I have seen on the Green (upper 20’s) hooked and broken.

Curt Hamby