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  • February 25, 2011

    Freeing Locked Bucks With a Handsaw

    By Scott Bestul

    We’ve posted several galleries and videos featuring locked bucks in this space over the years. This one came across my desk this morning and I watched the clip several times. These encounters always fascinate me, largely because while they all share the similar situation of two nice whitetails locked in a death struggle, they are all somehow unique. Different times of year, bucks of varying sizes, sometimes in odd places. In this video, one buck has been mostly consumed by coyotes, while the other is not only alive, but largely untouched.

  • February 24, 2011

    Caption Contest Winner Announced!

    By Dave Hurteau

    And now, it’s time to announce the winners of our biggest caption-contest prize package ever from Cabela’s. But first, a little housekeeping:

    With these contests now averaging over 500 comments, Scott and I asked the big wigs for a small staff to help pick the winners. Instead, we got a small volunteer committee, which passed a motion to conduct a study to determine if we need a new rule, which led to this new rule:

    When more than one caption expresses the same idea, preference will be given to the first occurrence—unless a subsequent occurrence significantly improves the delivery.

  • February 23, 2011

    Sheds From Famous Excelsior Video Buck are Minnesota State Record

    By Scott Bestul

    Last fall, we posted video of a huge whitetail filmed by Max Woelm, a friend of mine from Excelsior, Minnesota. The footage wasn’t top-notch, but there was no mistaking the size of the buck; he was a giant, world-class deer that looked to be a clean typical. Not long after we made that post, the video went semi-viral, and deer hunters across the country marveled at this beautiful buck.

    But the story doesn’t end there. Jay Miller, another resident of Excelsior, had been monitoring the buck via trail cameras through the month of Jannuary. On February 7th, Miller spotted the monster—this time in person—sporting only the left side of his massive rack. Miller began his hunt for the right antler the next day, eventually finding the 6-point side on February 9th. The left side was recovered by Miller about a quarter mile away.

  • February 22, 2011

    Are You A Nose Jammer?

    By Dave Hurteau

    It’s not as personal a question as it sounds. And I really should phrase it: Will you be a nose jammer this fall? What is a nose jammer? I admit I just sort of made that up, figuring that someone who uses Nose Jammer to jam noses can himself be called a nose jammer.

  • February 16, 2011

    Nebraska Giant Buck Update: Largest U.S. Typical Tagged in 39 Years

    By Scott Bestul

    Well folks, it’s official; the huge Nebraska whitetail killed by Kevin Petrzilka last November is the new state typical record. The massive 17-point buck tallied 202-6/8” B&C, when scored by official measurer Ricky Kreuger last month. Nebraska’s previous state record typical scored 199-2/8” and was shot by Vernon Virka while hunting in Saunders County in 1983.

    Petrzilka, who also shot his buck in Saunders County, has to be thrilled with the announcement of this official score. But he may have no idea exactly how special this behemoth buck truly is. Of the millions of whitetail bucks killed since B&C started keeping records in 1830, only 16 typicals have scored 200” or better. Petrzilka’s buck will—unless another buck surprises us—tie for 7th place in the B&C typical list.

  • February 15, 2011

    'Shoot Me Down' Winner Announced!

    By Dave Hurteau

    Earlier this month, I went on about how while making fellow hunters feel badly about shooting “small” bucks is obviously lame, so is knee-jerk disdain for fellow hunters who focus on big bucks. They are two sides of the same coin—both bad for deer hunting. Among the many excellent comments, my favorites where those by:

    -Happy Myles, because it was acutely enlightening to hear from of a self-proclaimed, unabashed trophy hunter, particularly this: “[W]hen I was a poor boy the locals considered me to be an excellent hunter. Now after sixty five years of serious, considerable hunting around the world many feel I must be an amateur who happens to have the funds to hunt.”

    -Whackdaddy, because it’s hard not to be swayed by an opinion that so closely mirrors my own. And well said, too.

  • February 14, 2011

    Hunting Honeymoons, Fishing Anniversaries?

    By Dave Hurteau

    by Dave Hurteau

  • February 14, 2011

    How Fast Can You Gut and Skin a Deer?

    By Scott Bestul

    I'm betting it takes you longer than three minutes...

  • February 10, 2011

    Win Our Biggest Caption Contest Prize Package Ever From Cabelas!

    By Dave Hurteau

    It’s Cabela’s 50th Anniversary, and when I called over there yesterday begging for a hat to put up as a prize for our next caption contest, I think I may have caught the boys celebrating during office hours. Basically they said: Hat, shmat! Why not give them a real prize, like a classic painting of some whitetails or a rifle case? Oh what the heck, give them some hats, too.

    So I said, “Cheers, boys!” and as a result, for the next three contests, you will be playing for our biggest caption-related prize packages ever. Just one thing: When the celebrating is over and we go back to giving away just hats, I don’t want to hear any crying.

    Seriously, the story of how Dick and Jim Cabela turned a classified ad for five hand-tied flies into a global catalog and retail giant is the American Dream incarnate, not to mention an enormous accomplishment well worth celebrating. So who wants to celebrate by hanging this Cabela’s 50th Anniversary framed, signed, and numbered Hayden Lambson Wildlife Print in his den?

  • February 9, 2011

    Coyotes in the News, Again…

    By Scott Bestul

    by Scott Bestul

    If you read other hunting magazines besides ours (it’s OK to admit it, because I do too), you’ve probably noticed a bunch of feature stories in the last year, all covering the impact coyotes have on whitetail populations in the southeast. If you’re wondering why F&S hasn’t been in this mix, it’s because it’s old news to us. We essentially broke the story in 2009. (Here’s the column).

    So there...Dave and I are done patting each other’s backs and tooting our horns on scooping everyone.

    But there’s some more recent news on the coyote-as-deer-predator that’s really caught my eye. Researchers in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (UP) are currently studying whitetail predation in an area rich with carnivores, both large and small. In a 350-square mile study area in the UP, whitetails are eaten by bear, wolves, coyotes, and bobcats. Preliminary findings indicate that, of these four primary predators, coyotes are leading the way in causing whitetail deaths. From this story on

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