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  • December 28, 2007

    Discussion Topic: On Anti-Hunting Girlfriends

    By Dave Hurteau & Chad Love

    So guys, you got any advice for this poor fella:

    From the syndicated advice column “Ask Amy,” as seen in the Chicago Tribune:

    Dear Amy: My girlfriend and I have been together for two years. This month she gave me an ultimatum: I give up hunting, or she leaves.

    Every year, my best friend and I spend the opening weekend of deer season in a cabin we built on his family's land. It is the only weekend I hunt, and I look forward to it every year. . . .

    My girlfriend told me this year that she doesn't want to be with someone who could kill a deer. I tried to explain that hunting helps control deer population[s] . . . [and] is a better way of acquiring meat than buying beef slaughtered in an industrial farm and shipped across the country.

    I went hunting this year against her wishes and killed a buck. She wouldn't talk to me for three days. Now she says if I don't promise to give up the sport, she will leave me. . . .

    What should I do?

-- Befuddled in Binghamton

    Check out the full story and tell us what you think.

  • December 28, 2007

    Texas Tops In Hunting and Fishing; Where Does Your State Rank?

    By Dave Hurteau & Chad Love

    From a National Shooting Sports Foundation press release:

    A ranking of states in categories including total number of hunters and anglers, spending by sportsmen, jobs supported, taxes generated, number of days spent hunting and fishing and the most traveled to states by hunters and anglers has been released for the first time.

    Nationally, Texas is at the top of the pack. It is No. 1 in total hunters and anglers (2.6 million), money spent ($6.6 billion), jobs supported (106,000) and tax revenue generated ($1.3 billion). Florida lands the trophy for the No. 2 spot. . . .

    What states have the most hunters and anglers? Texas is No. 1 (2.6 million), Florida No. 2 (two million), California No. 3 (1.7 million), Ohio No. 4 (1.48 million) and Pennsylvania No. 5 (1.41 million).

    What states are the big spenders? Texas is No. 1 ($6.6 billion), Florida No.2 ($4.8 billion), California No. 3 ($3.6 billion), Pennsylvania No. 4 ($3.5 billion) and Minnesota No. 5 ($3.4 billion).
    Click here for complete state-by-state rankings.

  • December 28, 2007

    Remington Buys Marlin Firearms

    By Dave Hurteau & Chad Love


    Tommy Millner[,] Remington's CEO, said, "I am pleased to announce that Marlin's well known brands [including Harrington and Richardson, New England Firearms, and LC Smith] with a long heritage of providing quality rifles and shotguns to hunters and shooters around the world will join the Remington family. The opportunity to combine two historic U.S. based companies with such storied and proud histories, is both challenging and exhilarating.”

  • December 27, 2007

    Discussion Topic: Would You Vote For Huckabee?

    By Dave Hurteau & Chad Love

    The latest polls have presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee atop the list of contending Republicans in Iowa. On the day after Christmas, a time when he says he would normally be hunting ducks in Arkansas, he opted for Hawkeye-State pheasants instead:

    From an Associated Press story on

    Of four birds flushed by the party, three were felled. Huckabee claimed the third with his .12-gauge [sic] shotgun. He proudly displayed the birds and said jokingly, "See that's what happens if you get in my way."

    He also jested about Vice President Dick Cheney's hunting accident in which a fellow hunter was shot. Asked why Cheney hadn't been invited, Huckabee chuckled, "Because I want to survive all the way through this."

    Check out the full article and tell us what you think of Mike Huckabee. Would you vote for him?

  • December 26, 2007

    Cop Allegedly Pulls Gun On Butcher Over Venison Jerky

    By Dave Hurteau & Chad Love

    I think we call all agree that venison jerky is a very serious matter, and that the issue of pepper flakes versus no pepper flakes is one of grave, grave importance. But maybe--just maybe--this off-duty police officer took things just a little too far.

    From The Columbian:

    [Top Choice Meat Market owner Mike] Brannan, recounting the altercation Saturday afternoon, said [off-duty police officer Roger] Evans was retrieving a small deer he had brought into the shop for processing. The officer was angry that pepper flake hadn't been applied to the jerky and felt he shouldn't have to pay for the order, he said.

    "He was just being incredibly rude," Brannan said. "He was told by more than just me that he had to calm down or he would be asked to leave. . . ."

    Brannan said that after Evans paid a discounted price because pepper flake had not been applied, he carried a large box out the side door and started to hand it to Evans . . . .

    "As I handed it to him face-to-face, I told him, 'Don't ever come to my store again.' "

    Brannan said he thought Evans was taking the box from him; instead, it fell to the ground. He said he temporarily lost his balance and stumbled into a parked truck, only to stand up straight in time to see Evans draw a handgun and point it at him.

  • December 21, 2007

    Discussion Topic: What Do You Want For Christmas?

    By Dave Hurteau & Chad Love

    If your significant other is like me (scary thought, huh?), then he or she hasn’t done any Christmas shopping yet. Which means there’s still time for you to steer that person in the right direction. So, before I sign off for the holiday, let me help you out with that. Just post what you want for Christmas, pull up your comment, increase the font size, and leave the computer on. If you have a laptop, put it in a conspicuous spot, like the kitchen table or the top shelf of the refrigerator.

    Here are some ideas from the Belleville News-Democrat. According to this southern Illinois paper, the top-selling gifts for area hunters this year include:

    --Camouflaged Crocs
    --Wool socks
    --Benelli Super Black Eagles (tough call between this and socks, huh?)
    --H&R Sluggers
    --Remington and Mossberg youth guns
    --Winchester SuperX3s
    --DU Sweatshirts
    --Under Armor clothing
    --Superfire Flashlights
    --G. Loomis fishing rods
    --ABU Garcia and Shimano fishing reels
    --And binoculars, scopes, and pocket knives

    There, that should get you started. I’ll be posting headlines again next Wednesday. Until then, here’s wishing all of you—and all of yours—a very happy holiday.

  • December 21, 2007

    Breaking News Update: Authorities Find Probable Shooter in Teen Goose Hunter’s Death, Call Incident “Just a Tragic Accident”

    By Dave Hurteau & Chad Love

    On Wednesday we posted a story about 18-year-old Kansan Beau Arndt, who was killed while goose hunting by a single rifle shot fired, witnesses said, from a red pickup truck driving slowly by. In your comments, most of you argued that this was no hunting accident but the predictable result of blatant poaching. So you’ll probably be very interested in the latest:

    From The Wichita Eagle:

    A 57-year-old Topeka man who was taken into custody Wednesday “appears to be the shooter” who killed an Americus, Kan., teen as he hunted last weekend. . . .

    “It appears to just be a tragic accident,” [Lyon County Sheriff Gary] Eichorn said. . . .

    Bob Arndt Jr. said he bears no ill will for the man who killed his son.

    “It’s purely an innocent accident to an innocent child, and it’s a horrible tragedy,” he said. “But we all have loss.

    “We wish this guy no harm, no revenge,” he said. “He has my sympathy, going through what he has to go through. . . .

    The shooting caused anger and frustration among Lyon County residents and sportsmen around the region because Beau Arndt was hunting legally and killed by an illegally fired bullet. . . .

    “I don’t know what it is — they just see blood,” he said of many online bloggers. “They want to take everything upon themselves.

    “This needs to be left up to the courts and the justice system. . . .”

    Investigators hope to present evidence in the case to the Lyon County attorney’s office today, Eichorn said.

    In addition to any charges the shooter faces in Arndt’s death, he also could face federal and state wildlife charges.

    Be sure to check out the full story.

  • December 19, 2007

    Discussion Topic: Should Kids Miss School To Hunt?

    By Dave Hurteau & Chad Love

    From the Wyoming-Tribune Eagle:

    In October, Jeff Garcia took his fifth-grade son on an elk-hunting trip.

    The annual trip had been planned well in advance and had been discussed with the child’s teacher. Garcia had made a deal with his son that his grades had to be good, A’s and B’s only, and he had to complete all his school work. . . .

    When October rolled around, each of Garcia’s terms had been met, and his son got to go hunting for a week up in the Sierra Madres . . . . But things weren’t as cheery when they returned.

 “When I got back, I had a little surprise from the school district,” Garcia said.

    For each day missed, the school district had sent a letter home notifying the parents there had been an unexcused absence.

    Be sure to check out the full article, then tell us what you think.