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  • May 31, 2008

    Big Muddy Update: Flies 1; Lures 0

    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter


    Sort of...

    Early yesterday morning I stuck to my guns and caught the first bluegill of the trip. I really wanted to beat Nate to the first fish of the day and I wanted it to be on a fly. He was flipping crickets near sunken cypress trees in Reelfoot Lake, TN. I, on the other hand had a carp fly that, luckily looked pretty close to a drown cricket. On went a couple of split shots, and whamo - a dinner plate sized bluegill came to the boat. I had to talk smack, and went about singing for a minute or two rubbing it in.

    I can do
    you can do

    For the next couple of hours it was fishing karma played out on a grand scale. Nate tied on a small in-line spinner and went on to reef in fish after fish after fish. I didn't catch another for the rest of the morning. As I quietly put down the fly rod to pick up a spinning reel I heard Nate mutter something about putting my fairy stick away.

    Follow along and see who scores next flies or lures at


  • May 30, 2008

    The River Jerk

    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter

    I was on the river the other day when another guy walked over the bank and started fishing the same small run I was fishing, from the other side of the river. I got out of the run, and walked upstream. As if he were racing me, this guy scrambles up-river along the other bank, and jumps in my run again.

    Now, I normally don't mind crowds (you can't if you fish public water in Colorado). In fact, I kind of see it as a game... "try to catch the fish where the other person missed." But in this case, I thought the guy was being a jackass, so I (politely) said, "There's a lot of open water here, why doesn't one of us go one way or another." And he said, "It doesn't matter. I'm on the other side of the river!" Soon thereafter, he told me exactly where I could go.

    So you referee. Was that a foul?

    I don't know, folks, but for me fishing a small run at the same time is about like sharing a toothbrush... it shouldn't happen unless you're really close... really trusting... and/or really desperate.


  • May 28, 2008

    Long Lost Fishing Footage

    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter

    A couple of years ago I traveled the world shooting video for a flyfishing travel TV show that never aired. Go figure... We traveled to Argentina, Mongolia, Canada, Costa Rica, New Zealand, and Russia. Apparently my friend and other shooter on the show, Roy Tanami, dug up some of the footage and put together a simple video of some of our travels. Roy's got a book coming out in the fall. It's called Angling the Word, Ten Spectacular Adventures In Fly Fishing. He's pre-promoting the book via Youtube and other means, and this video brought back some great memories. I thought you all would love to see it. I think he even stole some of my photos for the section on New Zealand. You owe me Roy!

    The book is being published by Lyons Press and is due out October, but you can pre-order through

    Enjoy the video, and be sure to check out our mini site as I wander the middle of the country with Field and Stream editor, Nate Matthews, bass fishing our way down the length of the Mississippi river from north to south.



    Roy Tanami is one of the best-traveled, and most talented shooters and writers ever to apply the lens and/or pen to this crazy realm of flyfishing. I still credit Roy with the best story intro I've ever read. This book will be a slam-dunk, and you need to check it out. -- Deeter

  • May 28, 2008

    The A-Train Rolls into BASS-land

    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter


    Many of you recognize the commentary on this blog from "Anthony" (I like to call him the A-Train), but what you don't know is that Anthony started a new job this week as the director of communications with ESPN Outdoors and B.A.S.S.

    Which brings up a couple important points. First, let there be no mistake that Anthony is a die-hard fly fishing fool; so the fly nation has officially infiltrated a mole in the inner sanctum of pro bass fishing. And second, assuming he stays a part of the Fly Talk community, this blog will be more "dialed" on hot bass topics than most, um, bass blogs!

    Seriously, I hope you join me in wishing good luck and godspeed to a great friend, and an original Fly Talk "Fflogger," Anthony Bartkowski.


  • May 27, 2008

    Guide "Service"

    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter


    Anyone ever had a guide like this?

    Yeah, me neither...


  • May 26, 2008

    Shot Down By Gas Prices?

    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter


    Unlike Tim, I didn't even bother messing with road trips and rivers this Memorial Day weekend. Instead, I took the equivalent cost of a tank and a half of gas, and set my seven-year-old son, Paul, up with his first bow. Spent the weekend plinking around with him. This has been a great spring for the little guy, as he's officially flyfishing on his own, and now shooting the bow. He has the swing set ... sandbox ... and a bag target. What more could a kid want?

    I noticed a lot less traffic by way of RVs on the highways this holiday weekend, at least here in Colorado. Forgive me for saying so, but it is, in my opinion, almost worth paying $4 a gallon not to have those things clogging the roads all summer. Almost. That's a "point-of-view" perspective that depends on where you live.

    What was your take on the Memorial Day scene? Were the rivers and lakes less crowded and the roads less busy where you live? Did you road trip or stay home? Does the price of gas have you making alternate plans for the summer?


  • May 23, 2008

    Speaking Of A Road Trip...

    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter


    I'm going on an 18 day road trip for the big book, aka Field and Stream Magazine. That's right 18 days, whew... I'll be taking pictures and shooting video all the way from Minneapolis to New Orleans following the big muddy. As a friend put it "I'll be Huck-Finning it down the mighty Missisip". I think we're pretty much fishing for anything that swims with a pretty hardy lean towards bass. Now, I was told that this wasn't going to be a "fly fishing" trip by my editor. In fact he said don't even bother bringing a fly rod. I guess I shouldn't tell him about the five rods, mondo box of flies - courtesy of Umpqua - and the serious overweight fee I just paid at the United counter for my gigantic bag.


  • May 21, 2008

    The Guide Confessional

    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter

    The Fly Fish Chick caught it, and in doing so, called me out ... "I root for both fish and anglers."

    It's true. I do. There are many times when, under my breath, I'm rooting for the fish after that hook-up. I'll admit, when I'm guiding a type-A, know-it-all, he may just happen to find himself hoofing lead across a heavy current into a 30-m.p.h. headwind. And we may or may not get a good shot at that 24-inch rainbow that lives in a spot I know more intimately than my own underwear drawer.

    Conversely, those who "get it," get the VIP treatment. Am I going to guide Purgatory for this?

    I want to hear your river confessions. Tell us, truthfully, have you ever held out ... put "Jimmy the Jerk" in a bad run on purpose? C'mon ... have you said, as he/she reels in that tail-hooked rainbow, "It ate it, and must have rolled over on the other fly?" When's the last time you cut someone off?

    Your flyfishing soul is at stake, and Fly Talk is the path to absolution.


  • May 21, 2008

    Fishing Road Trip Anyone?

    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter


    This is what happens when your fishing partner drinks way over his allotment of caffeinated beverages in the car with a vice that's within arms reach and a limited supply of tying materials. It should be stated that he does not in fact have an infatuation with worms, but that the river we we're traveling to was colored chocolate from the start of run-off.


  • May 20, 2008

    Please Call Us "Pundits"

    By Tim Romano & Kirk Deeter

    I don't want to be called an outdoor columnist or writer or editor anymore. I think I should be a "fish pundit." Same with Timmy.

    I flip through the cable news programs every evening (I know, it's like a nicotine addiction), and what do I get? The same four or five news stories sandwiched among erectile dysfunction commercials. Ah, but what makes it work? Pundits. And Democratic or Republican "strategists." I think the difference between being a pundit and a strategist is that strategists have talking points and allegiances, while pundits simply talk about what they think is going down. I don't really have an agenda. I root for both fish and anglers.

    Why wouldn't being a pundit work in the flyfishing sense? A guide is, after all, a tarpon or trout "strategist" ... but the real action for Tim and me would be working as pundits. "Bob's cast really sucks, but I think he might still just hook three or four blue-collar, working-class, rainbow trout today." There it is. Simple. Honest, though nobody will call you to task or hold you accountable unless you drop the F-Bomb or make a blatantly offensive slur. After all, the next news cycle starts in 12 hours! It's just like the blog! Only we keep the topics fresh ...

    I wonder if there's a higher pay scale for "fish pundits." I doubt it.


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