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  • September 29, 2011

    Caption Contest: Write the Best Win a Fly Box

    By Tim Romano

    Last week I was out doing a bunch of underwater photography for an upcoming book with my friend Geoff Muller of The Drake Magazine. We were on the Olympic Peninsula and staying in Forks, Washington. The sign at our motel check-in counter was one that I had never seen before and had us in stitches. I had to take a snap with my phone and share with you all. The person who writes the best caption to go with this image will receive a Wright McGill, Hopper Dropper Storage System.

  • September 28, 2011

    Fly Fishing Heirloom: The Custom Net

    By Kirk Deeter

    by Kirk Deeter

    I've never had the spare money (or the burning desire) to own a bamboo fly rod.  I'd be too afraid to break it and I like to fish my rods. Besides, I have some very special graphite rods that mean the world to me for different reasons, but more on that another day.

    I'm pretty tough on most of my gear, as anyone who has fished with me can tell you. I'm also no slave to fashion. I wear a ratty old vest; my waders are grease-smeared and tattered; my hats are all sweat-stained and riddled with snags and pinholes from flies being stuck in them. River rattiness is almost a badge of honor for me.

    But if there's one thing I really care about, it's my net.  Think about it. The net is what you use to close almost every deal on the river. It is the tool that turns the hunter into the healer.

  • September 27, 2011

    The Muddy Trek To Gunnison Gorge

    By Tim Romano

    Sometimes you eat the fish and sometimes the fishing trip eats you. Almost...

    The weekend before last I had the pleasure and privilege of floating one of the most amazing float fishing trips in our state, the Gunnison River, with three friends. We float an area towards the bottom of the Black Canyon called the "The Gorge." The logistics of getting a trip lined up down there is challenging at best. The shuttle is huge, it's aways from any population center and you have to have to hire a horse packer named Larry Franks to carry boats, beer, food, fishing and camping gear to the bottom of the canyon. You can do it yourself, but it would take all day - maybe two.

  • September 26, 2011

    See This, Do That: Tips for Fly Fishing Under A Bridge

    By Kirk Deeter

    Take a close look at this photo, and you can probably guess the challenge at hand. This is from the White River in Colorado. There are rainbow trout eating mayflies on the surface of the slack water directly beneath the bridge.

    Unfortunately, the water between me and the rising fish is too deep to wade in, and it's moving faster than my target water, which makes a drift presentation tricky. One other complicating factor: There's a stiff breeze blowing from downstream-up (that's right to left in the photo). How do we tackle this one? Here are three tips that will help..

    1. I use a spotter fly
    to help me pick up the subtle takes in choppy water. In this case, I tie on a size #10 Stimulator, and then trail a size #18 Parachute Adams (the fly I expect the fish to eat) about 18 inches off the hook shank of the top fly, with 5X tippet. The Stimulator is for me, the Adams is for the fish; if I see any splash or rise near the fly I can see well, I set the hook.

  • September 20, 2011

    Record Breaking Yellowfin Tuna Caught on the Fly?

    By Tim Romano

    Think you landed a big strong powerful fish on a fly rod this year? I'm guessing it probably wasn't as tough as the 128 pound yellowfin tuna a gentleman named Chris Cook landed while filming a fishing movie about Christmas Island.

    The fish was apparently caught near the island on a 13 weight rod and beats the current fly rod record by 21 pounds. This of course has to be verified by the International Game Fish Association and is pending confirmation.

  • September 19, 2011

    See This? Do That: 10 Tips for Approaching Trout in Glassy Water

    By Kirk Deeter

    We're starting a new series for Fly Talk called "See This, Do That." It's a simple idea. We'll show you a situation (might be bugs, a fish holding in a difficult spot, tricky conditions, etc.), and then explain how to effectively tackle that situation when you fly fish. I'll start off with a scenario that's appropriate for this time of year-- glassy, slow moving water.

    Spring creeks and still ponds offer some of the most exciting and challenging fly fishing opportunities of all, especially if you are into sight fishing (and who doesn't like that). But if you bull your way into this situation, you're only setting yourself up for a frustrating lesson on spooking trout. When I see water like this, I immediately go into stealth mode. Here are the 10 tips going through my mind:

  • September 16, 2011

    More Fly Fishing Film Madness

    By Tim Romano

    I'll let you in on a little secret... The Greenbacks, a Colorado Trout Unlimited group I'm a part of, scored the Colorado premier of the the new Confluence Films movie called Connect. It was shot on location in Japan, Yellowstone National Park, the Yukon Drainage of Alaska, the flats of Cuba, the coast of Maine, and in the wilds of Tanzania, Africa and from the looks of the trailer should be seriously entertaining.

  • September 15, 2011

    Clip-N Hackle Anyone?

    By Tim Romano

  • September 14, 2011

    How to Become a Fishing Ambassador

    By Kirk Deeter

    The most exciting part about fishing for me is sharing the experience with others, and watching that pilot light of enthusiasm get kindled. Of course, I'm really enjoying the experience of teaching my 11-year-old son, Paul, how to fish. But it doesn't stop there. And it doesn't have to only involve kids. The other day, I went fly fishing with my neighbor, Pete, for the first time. He is a natural. My only regret after the day is that we've been neighbors and friends for several years, and it took me that long to get him out on the river.

    One of the most rewarding experiences I ever had was being part of the Bristol Bay Academy last year, in the Yupik village of Ekwok, Alaska. There, we were able to teach young folks from the native communities in the region the ins and outs of fly fishing. Talk about a wonderful cultural exchange; I learned as much as the students did.

  • September 13, 2011

    Georgia Man Catches Trout on a Car Key

    By Tim Romano

    The title to this blog post was actually written by Mr. Louis Cahill over on his website He's a friend, professional photographer, and all around fishy dude. You may remember Louis from some of his photography tips last year about this time.

    A couple of weeks ago Louis and I were fishing here in Colorado. Both being admitted streamer junkies we started talking about what we thought was the strangest object you could catch trout on. Louis admitted to me that he had always had the twisted idea of trying to catch a fish on a car key. Right...

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