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  • June 29, 2012

    Slide Show: One of My Best Trout Fishing Days

    By Tim Romano

    OK, I have to gloat, just a little…

    I spent a good chunk of the day yesterday on Spinney Mountain Reservoir with my friend John Perizzolo. John guides for Breckenridge Outfitters and is the inventor of a tungsten putty product called Mojo Mud.

    While I'm not much of a big lake angler — as it intimidates me to some extent — I do believe the action yesterday might have changed my mind.

  • June 28, 2012

    Wool Strike Indicators Can Help Your Fish Hookup Ratio

    By Kirk Deeter

    I know I've told you to "ditch the bobber." I've been hard on strike indicators, calling them "crutches," "training wheels" and other nasty things. I still think the professional guide who does nothing but drag nymphs through trout runs all day, every day, without endeavoring to teach beyond the indicator is lazy. I stand by what I've written in the past.

    But I also am a realist. I know that success breeds interest. And in some places, at certain times, nothing works on a fly river as well as the high-stick nymph rig, period.

  • June 27, 2012

    Would You Pay for Online Fly Casting Lessons?

    By Tim Romano

    Just when you thought you'd seen and heard it all…

    Apparently you can now take fly casting lessons via your computer through a site called

    So how does it work? You create a brief video of yourself making your best fly cast — the video "needs to show your whole range of motion, plus the fall of your line." Then you upload the video to YouTube and email the link to FFF certified casting instructor Andrew Stiles.

  • June 26, 2012

    Getting Real About the Virtues of Catch-and-Release Fishing

    By Kirk Deeter

    It's interesting to me how a blog post that was really about human pain management  can evolve (and I use that term loosely) into a debate about the virtues (or lack thereof) of catch-and-release fly fishing. But what the heck, I'll bite on that fly, and you all can decide what you'll do with me later on.

    The late, great Lee Wulff articulated the catch-and-release ethic best when he said: "A good game fish is too valuable to be caught only once." I certainly believe that. One of the main satisfactions I find in fly fishing is knowing that I can let a wily old brown trout or a wild steelhead swim free, with the legitimate hope (and it's only a hope) that someone else might enjoy that same fight down the line. I suppose that's why I like fly fishing more than hunting. But I do hunt. And I do catch fish with the sole intent of eating them. I don't think either approach is wrong, as long as the angler/hunter is playing by the rules.

  • June 25, 2012

    Fly Fishing Video Roundup: A Tribute to Dad, a Funny Commercial, and Anglers Throwing Down in Alaska

    By Tim Romano

    Every so often I feel the need to share a few of the bits of humor, poignant fishing memories, or humorous angling related commercials that are sent to me via email, Facebook or found on the multitude of other fishing blogs that populate the interweb.

    Thought I'd start the week off in the right direction with a moving tribute to father that has passed away, a funny commercial for chewing gum and a home video of some "combat" fishing on a Alaskan River.



  • June 22, 2012

    Why I Always Fish Barbless

    By Kirk Deeter

    This graphic, unappetizing story comes courtesy of my friend Will Rice of Trout's Flyfishing in Denver. Will took one for the team to underscore why fishing with barbed flies just isn't worth it.

  • June 21, 2012

    Gear Grab Bag Caption Contest Winner Announced

    By Tim Romano

    This past caption contest had quite a few entries and some surpassingly good ones at that. The job of choosing the winner was pretty tough, but I had to award it to sgtsly for the handful of great entries that made me laugh. The one that got me though was, "I got a little ahead of myself with that flopper, hopper, copper, dropper, mopper, stopper, rig." CastMaster25 almost had me with the Johnny Cash reference. God knows I love me some Cash...

  • June 20, 2012

    Popularity Contest: Do Looks Matter When it Comes to Game Fish?

    By Kirk Deeter

    Let's face it. Trout earn high respect within the fly angling world because they are "pretty fish." Doesn't matter if it's a rainbow, brown or cutthroat. The trout is the species that other fish in the same lake or river would want to take to the prom.

    A bright, ruby-sided hen steelhead would be the prom queen in places like Oregon or Michigan. But a carp? Wallflower. Trash fish. Why? Because that fish is downright ugly.

    It doesn't matter where you catch a carp (and I'm one of those shouting loudest from the bandwagon) — they may be cagey, tough and all that — there's no denying that this fish is plain hideous. Not in a "nice personality, but" kind of way. I'm talking stinky, foul and ugly to the eyes.

  • June 19, 2012

    Why 2 Bills Introduced to the House Are Bad for Sportsmen

    By Tim Romano

    Have something to say about your public lands? It could cost you…

    My friends over at Trout Unlimited alerted me to a couple of bills that have been introduced to the House that don't sit well with me. I thought I would share.

    They went on to say that Sportsmen for Responsible Energy Development (SFRED), a coalition of businesses, organizations and individuals led by Trout Unlimited, the National Wildlife Federation and the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, has been following this set of bills. And so far, the message isn’t exactly “sportsmen friendly.”

    Among the provisions:
    - A requirement of a $5,000 documentation fee to protest any lease, stifling a process that is currently free and open to anyone who wants to participate.
    - Prioritizing energy development over fish and wildlife on public lands.
    - A mandate that leases be issued within 60 days of payment regardless of protests or litigation.
    - Requires that a minimum of 25 percent of the leases receive minimal environmental review and no protests.

  • June 15, 2012

    Caption Contest: Write the Best, Win a Gear Grab Bag

    By Tim Romano

    It's been too long since I held one of these. So I thought what better way to end the week than to have a caption contest. You all know how this works.

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