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  • April 29, 2011

    Food Fight Friday: Chicken With Ginger Vs. Wild Turkey Burger

    By David Draper

    This week, we have a couple of turkey hunters battling each other for a great prize courtesy of Coleman. Wild Chef readers Robert Millage and Dustin Brown each submitted photos from their recent turkey hunts and whoever you pick as the best, tastiest-looking picture will get a Coleman PerfectFlow Portable Grill.

    Robert Millage's Chicken With Ginger and Red Pepper


    Dustin Brown's Down Under Wild Turkey Burger

  • April 28, 2011

    Recipe: Morel Cream Sauce

    By David Draper

    In a normal year, we’d be right in the heart of morel season. But this isn’t a normal year. No matter where you live, everyone is complaining about the weather. Here in Nebraska it’s wet, cool, and we haven’t seen the sun since I don’t know when. South of here, it’s dry—as in Dust Bowl dry. And across the Midwest and South they’re battling tornados on a nightly basis.

    But all this cold, hot, wet, dry, stormy weather hasn’t kept some folks out of the woods, eyes glued to the ground in search of spring’s fungal bounty: morels. I’ve even heard some reports of success, though they have been few and far between. I have some tentative plans to get out soon, if we get a break in the weather. I imagine a few warm days will get the dogwoods blooming, turkeys gobbling, and morels growing, reminding me of why I love spring.

    It’s hard to beat the simple savory flavor of morels sautéed in butter, but there are a number of ways to put nature’s bounty to work in the kitchen. I like to make a fairly simple mushroom cream sauce that I can use to top wild turkey breasts, venison steaks, or even pasta.

  • April 27, 2011

    Recipe: Miso-Marinated Panfish

    By Donna Ng

    My recent entry in Food Fight Friday resulted in a 52% to 47% win for my grilled miso-marinated panfish over David Draper’s most excellent-appearing stuffed venison loin, with 271 votes total. Draper suspected some shenanigans, but I told him: There are no rules in a food fight. Just imagine: “No throwing Tater Tots unless they are slathered in ketchup.” “Peas may only be thrown at people wearing green.” Not!

  • April 26, 2011

    FoodSaver Contest, Week Four: Guess When and Where I Shot My Deer, Win a Vacuum-Sealer

    By Colin

    We’re down to our fourth and final FoodSaver GamerSaver vacuum-sealer to give away. (I know what you’re probably thinking: Who won last week’s contest? I’m still reviewing the entries, but rest assured: I’ll make my decision very soon. Much thanks to FoodSaver for providing a month’s worth of prizes.

  • April 22, 2011

    Food Fight Friday: The Sandwich Slam

    By David Draper

    After last week, I'm off to a 0-3 start on Food Fight Fridays. I think I understand how Red Sox fans feel this season. Hopefully I can turn things around this week—if you help me put Colin Kearns in his place in this head-to-head sandwich slam.

    BELT (bacon, egg, lettuce, and tomato)


    Venison Backstrap with Mayo and Sriracha

  • April 21, 2011

    Five Rabbit Recipes for a Wild Game Easter Dinner

    By David Draper

    Sure, ham or lamb will be the traditional centerpieces this coming Sunday, but in my opinion nothing says Easter like a platter full of Peter Cottontail. Earlier this week, I got a jump on Easter weekend when I cooked up a batch of bunny using Steven Rinella’s hasenpfeffer recipe.

    If ginger snaps aren’t your idea of delicious, here are four more ways to serve up a Sunday dinner to remember:

    Hedgerow Chicken: Marinate rabbit pieces in buttermilk, dip them in flour and fry them up KFC style.

  • April 20, 2011

    FoodSaver Contest, Week Three: What's the Angler's Perfect Packed Lunch?

    By Colin Kearns

    I’m planning a day of trout fishing, and I need your help. Not with the where-to-go or the what-fly-to-fish (although, I’m always open to tips). I need help with the what-to-eat.

    So, what should I pack for lunch?

  • April 18, 2011

    FoodSaver Week Two Contest Winner Announced!

    By David Draper

    Between the comments posted here and on our Field & Stream Facebook page, we received more than 125 entries in last week’s Best Fish I Ever Ate contest. From restaurant recommendations to secret recipes, the entries covered the gamut of eating the catch—even if someone else was doing the catching or the cooking.

    It was tough to pick a winner, but I eventually narrowed it down to the three stories below. Like any good meal, these three were more about the company than about the food. They were all so good that I’m sharing each one here because they’re worth a reread.

  • April 15, 2011

    Food Fight Friday: Venison Spedies vs. Smoked Elk Backstap

    By David Draper

    First off, congratulations to Field & Stream copy chief, Donna Ng, for winning last week’s Food Fight Friday. Her miso perch and crappie dish put a licking on my stuffed whitetail loin, despite the fact that readers who took the time to leave a comment preferred the venison dish. Now, I’m a good enough sport to concede defeat gracefully, but I suspect some shenanigans going on in the New York offices.

    I promise no shenanigans in this week’s battle, which pitches me against Wild Chef reader, and frequent Food Photo Friday contributor, Dan. He always sends in great looking pictures of some amazing food, and this week is no different. To do it justice, I’ll let Dan describe what he’s been cooking up lately.

    Venison Spedies


    Smoked Elk Backstrap

  • April 13, 2011

    Video: Anthony Bourdain on How to Cook a Mean Duck

    By David Draper

    Anthony Bourdain, author and TV personality, can be a polarizing figure, but you have to respect the guy. Though he is admittedly left of center, he understands better than most urban dwellers what it takes to meat on the table.

    Recently, on his Travel Channel show, "No Reservations," Bourdain visited rural Missouri on a trip to the Ozarks to meet with Daniel Woodrell, author of Winter’s Bone. While there, he managed to put Woodrell in the hospital during an unfortunate sucker-gigging accident and also spent some time in a duck blind.

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