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A quality car trunk organizer can determine whether you can quickly and easily find your jack, tire repair kit or tie-down straps, or you waste 10 minutes digging around when you need them. Whether you regularly haul hunting gear, fishing equipment or just normal trunk items, an organizer will keep things neater, making your life a little easier. Not all car trunk organizers have the same features, though. To make a good selection, consider three important factors—the size that will work best for your vehicle, design of the organizer and how durable it is.


This model measures 21.65×15.74×10.23 inches to fit in just about any car trunk or SUV cargo area. FORTEM

If you’ve got a big car or a large SUV, a really big car trunk organizer might be perfect for your needs—especially if you have a lot of gear you carry around and need to keep organized. But if you drive a subcompact car, a large organizer might not even fit into your trunk. Start by measuring your trunk or the cargo area of your SUV to get an idea of what size organizer will fit into your space. Once you’ve determined that, see how much stuff you have rattling around in there right now. Use those two factors to figure out which car trunk organizer is the perfect size for you.


This backseat organizer works in cars, pickups and SUVs. PIDO

Most car trunk organizers are rectangular to fit right into your car’s trunk or SUV’s cargo area. Most feature dividers to keep your gear better organized. Some have lids, while others have open tops. Most are made of nylon or polyester and have handles for easy removal from your trunk. Most currently on the market are black, although some come in bright colors and are a little more decorative. Most sit flat and gear is loaded into them from the top, although some specialized SUV models are more like a bookcase and are loaded from the rear. Some offer specialized compartments like built-in coolers for keeping drinks and other items cold. Moving past the typical organizers, another popular design is a seatback organizer. This type, which can be used in cars, pickups and SUVs, hangs on the back of a car seat and provides space for everything from hunting and fishing gear to toys and baby supplies.


This car trunk organizer features a solid bottom and built-in cooler compartment. Tepoinn

If you are planning to take your organizer in and out of your car a lot—which, incidentally, is a great way to load and unload your car instead of making several trips—you need to purchase one that will hold up to that kind of use. Same goes for people who will be stowing heavy and/or sharp objects in their organizer. In that case, look for a car trunk organizer made of heavy-duty polyester that will be more durable than those that are more lightweight but flimsier. In addition to a sturdy body, check that the handles are strong and are attached securely, as nothing is more frustrating than having a handle come off something when you are carrying it. And for people who intend to remove the organizer for loading and unloading, models with a solid bottom make that task much easier since they won’t fold or crumple.