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In the world of knives, Montana Knife Company is one of the up-and-coming brands we’re most excited about. Best known for its American-made knives that are as affordable as they are rugged and long-lasting, MKC was founded by Josh Smith, the youngest bladesmith to ever pass the Master Smith test. Having started crafting knives at the age of 12, Josh knows a thing or two about what makes a good blade—and it shows in the quality of MKC knives.

I’ve been a long-time fan of both MKC and Josh so, when I had the opportunity to chat with him, I was thrilled. And of course, my biggest question was, what are the best Montana Knife Company knives? While it couldn’t have been an easy task—there are a lot of great ones—Josh narrowed it down to his five favorites.

Below are his top picks in the words of the bladesmith himself, from the knife that started it all (the Blackfoot) to the ultimate elk hunting knife (the Stonewall Skinner).


“This knife was the design that I chose to launch the company with. Named after the Blackfoot River, it was designed to do any outdoor job in the Blackfoot River valley. I grew up in Lincoln hunting and fishing, so I wanted to make one knife that could accomplish any task. Whether fishing, bird hunting, or big game hunting, this knife is up to the challenge.”


“This was the second knife we released at MKC. It was designed for the serious backcountry hunter or hiker who puts a big emphasis on weight. At just 1.7 ounces, this knife weighs next to nothing but can still take on any job. You can also remove the paracord to use in a pinch.”

Little Bighorn Petty Chef

“This knife—made for the kitchen and hunting camp—is the first knife I grab for most tasks when I’m cooking. With our bison leather roll and Kydex edge guards, you can even throw it in your gear pack to take to your family’s house or into hunting camp.”

Stonewall Skinner

“This larger drop point skinning knife is perfect for larger game such as elk, bear, and moose. It’s also a versatile knife that can be used on other types of game. Named after a mountain where I grew up, the Stonewall is the ultimate elk hunting knife.”


“I can’t leave this knife out. It’s the one I everyday carry in my pocket. It weighs about 1.0 ounces, it’s tough, and it’s versatile as heck. I love this knife! You can use it for fishing, hunting, or opening boxes at work. We are the company that made carrying a fixed blade in your pocket cool, and it was the Mini-Speedgoat that did that.”

Bonus: MKC Leather Sheaths

“Lastly, I must mention our sheaths. Buying a good knife is half the battle. Being able to carry it and depend on it not getting lost is critical. Our clip design offers multiple carry options. Don’t overlook how you will carry your knife!”