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  • Q. How do you go about choosing a puppy for a hunting companion?—PMACC60 ANSWER THIS QUESTION
  • Q. What choke should I use for rabbit hunting with a 20 gauge and what size shot is best?—RayRay ANSWER THIS QUESTION

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  • bill heavey
    Heavey is the writer of Field & Stream’s popular backpage column, A Sportsman’s Life. He loves to deer hunt, hoard gear, and irritate David E. Petzal
  • Bourjaily is Field & Stream’s shotguns expert. He’s a big fan of sleeping in and shooting turkeys between 9 a.m. and noon.
  • t. edward nickens
    Nickens is the resident Total Outdoorsman for F&S. He does it all: hunt, fish, camp, paddle, and survive. He cooks a mean biscuit, too.
  • will brantley
    Brantley is Field & Stream’s hunting editor. He’s hunted all over North America for just about everything. Also, he can skin a squirrel faster than you.

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