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The Best Hunting and Fishing Gear of 2018

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  • fisherman holding striped bass

    Finding cow stripers from shore is much easier if you make a few small adjustments to your strategy

    The key to catching big striped bass lies not in having a boat or fishing in storied locations, but in understanding the striper’s habits, and learning as much as you…
  • fly fishing gear guide

    If throwing meat flies is your game, get these 8 new pieces of kit in your arsenal ASAP

    Seeing a big brown trout or norther pike plow into a streamer is one of the most exciting moments in fly fishing. It's something streamer junkies live for, and for them,…
  • While some folks have been waiting for the rut, these hunters have already put once-in-a-lifetime bucks on the ground

    The peak of the rut is just around the corner, but some huge bucks have already hit the ground. Here are some of the best trophies from last month.
  • fly tying gift guide

    10 items for any long-rodder on your holiday shopping list

    People ask me questions all the time about the fly gear I use. Believe me, I’ve used tons. Every angler, however, has at least a few pieces in their arsenal that stand…

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Birds of Paradise: Where to Hunt Mottled Ducks in Florida

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    Brantley is Field & Stream’s Hunting editor. He’s hunted all over North America for just about everything. Also, he can skin a squirrel faster than you.
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    Heavey is the writer of Field & Stream’s popular backpage column, A Sportsman’s Life. He loves to deer hunt, hoard gear, and irritate David E. Petzal.

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