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  • The pronounced, two-inch fangs of a Payara, which slide into recessed holes in their top jaw.

    Their teeth can tear flesh. Their strength can destroy tackle. Their dispositions can break an angler’s spirit. These are the meanest fish that swim.

    The earth is full of crazy looking sportfish with bad attitudes. Fish that attack lures with a vengeance and possess enough unique characteristics to set them far apart…
  • savage 99 model in 300

    A reader shares the story of a classic rifle that’s been in his family for decades

    The Savage Model 99 is one of the most iconic—and reliable—hunting rifles ever made. Here, a reader shares the story of a his grandfather’s 99, chambered in .300 Savage,…
  • collage of ar rifles

    In no particular order, here’s our list for the greatest modern sporting rifles for big game, varmints, and personal defense

    AR rifles started life in the military, but have evolved into one of the most popular style of firearms for hunting and personal defense. Here, we list the 30 best…
  • a remington 870 turkey hunting shotgun leaning against a dead turkey

    From gauge to barrel length to chokes and other accessories, here are the components that add up to the ideal gobbler gun for spring

    Bourjaily breaks down what he considers to be the perfect shotgun for turkey hunting—dissecting everything from the best gauge and ammo to barrel length, chokes, and…
  • hunter using phone illustration

    Smartphone map apps can help plot a course, but there's no better replacement for tracking where you've gone and where you're going than a map and compass

    Reasons why it's important to learn how to read a topographical map and plot your course using landmarks, waypoints, and a good old-fashioned compass.
  • deer, roadkill, california, bernal road

    Eating roadkill is becoming more acceptable

    Eating roadkill is becoming more acceptable…
  • Having a hard time finding your way through the bizarre world of topwater lures? We’ve got you covered with these standby strike producers. Here are some of the best-hit baits on the water.

    Companies have spawned seemingly every conceivable critter into a topwater bait—from frogs and rodents to flying mammals, birds, and even turtles. While some lures…
  • The first volume of this book did so well that author Bill Ward had to produce a second—and should produce a third

    Volume I of this book appeared in 2014 and was supposed to be the end of the project. However, the author, Bill Ward, who is a retired Tennessee game warden, did better…
  • a gun and backpack covered in snow

    Why would anyone hunt with a museum-quality firearm? Because life’s too short to hunt with an ugly gun

    If you're a fan of high-quality firearms and aren't afraid of getting them wet, muddy, or covered with snow, you're not alone. The following guns aren’t necessarily all…

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  • Three ice-fishing experts explain their favorite power-auger alternatives for punching through hard-water

    Gas or electric augers drill through ice and create a perfect hole for fishing. However, the cost of a new unit is often outside the reach of an angler's budget.
  • massive spring flock light geese

    Unimaginable numbers of light geese and countless shooting opportunities abound in one of the country's best secret waterfowl destinations

    We haven’t been in the snow goose spread for 15 minutes before 50 birds materialize on the skyline. John Gordon grabs a small handheld e-caller and cranks up the volume.
  • bluegill fishing

    Cabin fever driving you crazy? Our early season fishing guide is here to help. These expert tips will help you catch more bass, trout, bluegills, crappies, catfish, walleyes, and more

    Winter’s grip is loosening. You’re dying to fish. Unfortunately, those super-early-season bites can be the toughest to score thanks to cold, dirty water and sluggish…
  • kulik lake alaska

    Tales of life-changing hunting and fishing moments from some of the best outdoor writers

    If you spend a lifetime, or even half a lifetime, in the outdoors, you’ll receive a treasure trove of tools and totems and mementos. Or stuff that we discover ourselves…

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  • Bourjaily is Field & Stream’s shotguns expert. He’s a big fan of sleeping in and shooting turkeys between 9 a.m. and noon.
  • t. edward nickens
    Nickens is the resident Total Outdoorsman for F&S. He does it all: hunt, fish, camp, paddle, and survive. He cooks a mean biscuit, too.
  • will brantley
    Brantley is Field & Stream’s Hunting editor. He’s hunted all over North America for just about everything. Also, he can skin a squirrel faster than you.
  • bill heavey
    Heavey is the writer of Field & Stream’s popular backpage column, A Sportsman’s Life. He loves to deer hunt, hoard gear, and irritate David E. Petzal.

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  • selfie, outdoors, fall, danger

    Next time you’re tempted to record a thrilling moment outdoors, think before you grab your cellphone

    Next time you’re tempted to record a thrilling moment outdoors, think before you grab your cellphone…
  • three hunters kneeling behind polish stag

    A reader shares the story of “Old Faithful,” a rifle that is destined to become a third-generation rifle in his family

    Blast from the Past: A vintage Sako AV rifle…
  • aiming riflescope

    When it comes to rifle scopes, how well you can see up close is more important than how well you can see far away.

    “Aim fine, miss fine,” is fine advice for snipers, but if you’re a hunter in the real world, “quick and crude” should never be far from your thoughts. Fast and close is…
  • Kahtoola K-10 Hiking Crampons

    A light, simple answer for avoiding slips and injuries while walking on hard-water

    Nobody likes slipping while walking on ice. Not only is it embarrassing if people are watching, the impact can cause sever injuries, and depending on your age and…