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  • grizzly bear eating a dandelion stalk

    It’s hard to beat foraging for morels in the spring turkey woods, but there’s so much more out there to eat. These 20 wild berries, nuts, and weeds will help you stock the pantry all year long

    With spring here and summer around the corner, there are many wild foods to forage. Author and forager, Russ Cohen shares a list of his favorites, and what to do with…
  • fisherman holding up a giant walleeye

    Once the ice melts, trophy walleyes are ready to spawn and ready to eat. Here are some expert tips to help you land the biggest walleye of your life

    As the snow melts and lakes thaw, walleye fishermen break free from their cabin fever and race to the water to begin hunting for trophy spring walleyes. Regardless of…
  • morel mushrooms on the ground

    Next to a punched turkey tag, there’s not a more satisfying spring bounty than a boatload of morels. But if you’re struggling to find the mushroom mother lode, chances are you’re making one of these common, yet easy-to-correct, foraging mistakes.

    Now that morels are popping up in woods across the country, don’t make any of these common mistakes that can keep you from finding the mother lode of wild mushrooms.
  • older man kneeling behind a bruin bear

    Four hunters ply Southwest Idaho's lakes and rivers for common carp, an invasive species, and use the fish as bait during the spring black bear hunting season

    Four hunters bowfish for carp on Southern Idaho's rivers and lakes, freeze the harvested fish, and later use them as bait during the state's spring bear hunting season,…

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  • Bourjaily is Field & Stream’s shotguns expert. He’s a big fan of sleeping in and shooting turkeys between 9 a.m. and noon.
  • t. edward nickens
    Nickens is the resident Total Outdoorsman for F&S. He does it all: hunt, fish, camp, paddle, and survive. He cooks a mean biscuit, too.
  • will brantley
    Brantley is Field & Stream’s Hunting editor. He’s hunted all over North America for just about everything. Also, he can skin a squirrel faster than you.
  • bill heavey
    Heavey is the writer of Field & Stream’s popular backpage column, A Sportsman’s Life. He loves to deer hunt, hoard gear, and irritate David E. Petzal.

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  • 6mm ppc green machine

    It may not be the prettiest rifle you’ve ever seen, but you don’t need to look good to perform good

    The rifle I’m covering in this week’s column is purely a target gun, and though its provenance isn’t a hundred percent certain, it seems to be a Jarrett rifle. South…
  • pelican vault gun case

    Some Customs officials are kind and helpful; others are completely nuts. Be ready for both

    Having read Phil Bourjaily’s post of April 9th on traveling with guns, I feel compelled to put in my oar, as the British used to say, specifically on Customs, U.S.,…
  • Love it or hate it, the Creedmoor is riding a wave of popularity that’s unprecedented in the history of metallic cartridges.

    Love it or hate it, the 6.5 Creedmoor is riding a wave of popularity that’s unprecedented in the history of metallic cartridges. When Hornady introduced it in 2007, the…
  • boston marathon finish line 2017

    Saluting one Marine’s dedication to fallen comrades

    Saluting a marine’s dedication to fallen heroes…