truck spinout
1. Problem: Loss of Traction. Dan Marsiglio

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You’re driving your 4×4 on a snowy road when, suddenly, you notice the road bends to the right. You slam on the brakes and crank the steering wheel to the right. But the truck continues to plow a straight line; in fact, it’s headed for a tree. Would you know how to handle this? Control of a 4×4 is determined by three factors: steering, acceleration, and braking. You can use all three in ­slippery conditions, but only one at a time. • Here are two of the most common situations you may face on snow or gravel.

1. Problem: Loss of Traction Dan Marsiglio
To keep the rear end from breaking loose at a bend in the road as shown at right, apply the brakes before entering the curve. Then, release the brakes and turn the steering wheel. That done, keep the vehicle in a straight line and accelerate. More throttle at this point transfers weight to the rear tires, improving traction. Dan Marsiglio
2. Problem: Loss of Steering Dan Marsiglio
If you turn into a curve and the vehicle plows straight ahead, resist the urge to jam on the brakes and turn the wheel more—all that does is ensure a skid. Instead, gently apply the brakes, which transfers weight to the front tires, improving traction. That done, you can regain ­steering control. Dan Marsiglio