You're going to die someday, but not today—not if you have the Seventy2 survival system. That's the promise Uncharted Supply Co. is making with its new go bag, which is designed to have enough supplies to keep a missing person alive for 72 hours in the wild. Their thinking is that since most lost persons are recovered within three days, having the right equipment to endure that time in the wilderness is essential.

Field & Stream recently had a chance to preview the new kit, the contents of which you can check out below.

The Seventy2

uncharted seventy2 survival kit
The Seventy2 | BUY IT NOWCliff Gardiner & John Keller

Chemical Light Sticks

uncharted seventy2 glowstick chem light
Snap-and-glow sticks have been a staple of bug-out kits for years, for good reason. They’re waterproof, durable, long-lasting, and designed for signaling rescue aircraft from the ground.Cliff Gardiner & John Keller

RZ Industries M5 Emergency Filtration Mask

uncharted seventy2 filtration mask
This user-adjustable mask is designed to filter out 99.9 percent of dust and particles, as well as protect you from 130 airborne toxins and other chemicals.Cliff Gardiner & John Keller

Safety Eyewear

uncharted seventy2 safety goggle protective
These Z87+ rated high-impact glasses are tough enough for most industrial-shop environments and gun ranges, and would come in handy during a survival situation if airborne materials are a concern.Cliff Gardiner & John Keller

CCS Uncharted Emergency Flashlight

uncharted seventy2 flashlighty
A good flashlight needs to be durable and plenty bright to get you out of a sticky situation, and this torch is certainly both. With CREE Q5 LED technology, it will also be gentle on battery life while still throwing out 300 lumens of light.Cliff Gardiner & John Keller

ETON Emergency Hand-Crank Radio

uncharted seventy2 hand crank radio
If you’re worried about batteries, fear not, because the ETON emergency radio has a backup hand-crank charging system. A multifunction radio, backup flashlight, and USB output are also included, making it a worthy inclusion in any go bag.Cliff Gardiner & John Keller

CCS Uncharted Backup Micro-USB Cable

uncharted seventy2 usb charger
Just in case you left your charging cable plugged in at home...Cliff Gardiner & John Keller

CCS Uncharted First Aid Kit

uncharted seventy2 survival first aid kit
What go bag would be complete without a first-aid kit?Cliff Gardiner & John Keller

Bare Republic Sunscreen

uncharted seventy2 survival kit sunscreen
Why sunscreen? Sunburns don’t just suck; they can also be life-threatening.Cliff Gardiner & John Keller

CCS Uncharted Multi-purpose Wet Wipes

uncharted seventy2 survival kit wet wipes
Wet wipes are an underrated survival supply, if you ask me. They are great for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces for food prep and for first-aid in the backcountry.Cliff Gardiner & John Keller

Emergency Food Rations

uncharted seventy2 survival kit food ration
Calories count—especially when you’re burning more than you’re taking in. These bars have 200 calories per serving, and though these rations may be basic, they may save your life.Cliff Gardiner & John Keller

CCS Uncharted Waterproof Storm Matches and Lighter

uncharted seventy2 survival kit matches lighter fire
These stormproof matches serve as a great backup fire starter. They also come with a waterproof case, so if you flip your canoe or get rained on, you can still get a fire roaring in no time.Cliff Gardiner & John Keller

CCS Uncharted Multi-tool

uncharted seventy2 survival kit multi tool
A durable and compact multitool is indispensable in the wild. This model includes built-in pliers, wire snips, a small knife, a file, a Phillips-head and flathead screwdriver set, a bottle opener, and a carabiner.Cliff Gardiner & John Keller

RediTape Duct Tape

uncharted seventy2 survival kit duct tape
By my estimates, duct tape makes constructing shelters and trapping rigs, and repairing tents or tools about 1,000 times easier.Cliff Gardiner & John Keller

CCS Uncharted Knife and Sparking Fire Starter

uncharted seventy2 survival kit knife firestarter sparker
This tanto-style blade and Ferro-rod fire starter is another good way to start a blaze, in addition to the matches and lighter included in the bag. Both come packaged in a sturdy nylon sheath and are colored bright red, so you can find they easily if dropped.Cliff Gardiner & John Keller

Rothco 550-pound Paracord

uncharted seventy2 survival kit para cord rope
If I have learned anything as an outdoorsman it is this: You can make just about anything out of p-cord.Cliff Gardiner & John Keller

CCS Uncharted Shovel/Pick-Axe/Compass Combination Tool

uncharted seventy2 survival kit
Based on a military design, this tool converts from a pick-axe to a serrated-edge shovel, and has a compass built into the end of the handle. It also comes with a nylon carry case that you can holster to a belt for easy transport.Cliff Gardiner & John Keller

CCS Uncharted Warming Beanie

uncharted seventy2 survival kit warmth hat beanie
Admittedly, this beanie is kind of lame, but I’d rather have a beanie with a fuzzy ball on top than no beanie at all.Cliff Gardiner & John Keller
uncharted seventy2 survival kit warmth gloves

CCS Uncharted Leather Warmth Gloves

Let me go ahead and ruin the surprise: Building shelter in freezing weather without gloves is zero fun.Cliff Gardiner & John Keller

Rothco Reversible Emergency Blanket

uncharted seventy2 survival kit thermal blanket
This survival blanket folds down to the size of playing cards and can be used not only to keep in body heat but also to signal rescue aircraft overhead.Cliff Gardiner & John Keller

CCS Uncharted Warming Tent

uncharted seventy2 survival kit shelter tent
Constructed from Mylar, a material developed by NASA, this tent reflects up to 90 percent of your body heat back to keep you warm. It has enough space for two adults, if you happen to be lost with a bud.Cliff Gardiner & John Keller

Heat Factory Disposable Hand Warmers

uncharted seventy2 survival kit
Any North Woods deer hunter can attest that these leg and hand warmers can make a cold day a lot less miserable.Cliff Gardiner & John Keller

Sawyer Water Filtration Systems Mini Water Filter

uncharted seventy2 survival kit water filter
This mini filter removes harmful bacteria, protozoa, and cysts from freshwater sources, because the last thing you want to do while lost is get sick from drinking foul water.Cliff Gardiner & John Keller

Sawyer Water Filtration Systems 64 ounce Water Filter

uncharted seventy2 survival kit water filter
This bladder holds up to 64 ounces of filtered water, which is more than you need to survive a day in the backcountry.Cliff Gardiner & John Keller

Nalgene Water Bottle

uncharted seventy2 survival kit water jug bottle nalgene
A good water bottle is obligatory in any go bag, and super essential.Cliff Gardiner & John Keller

CCS Uncharted Carry Pack

uncharted seventy2 survival kit carry pack
The Seventy2 backpack itself makes for a useful survival tool. Not only does it hold all the gear included above, but it also serves as a floatation device, and is made of waterproof 600D Tarpaulin.Cliff Gardiner & John Keller