The Magic .30-06 Bullet

Think the .30-06 is outdated as a big-game cartridge? Think again. Paired with modern, high-performance bullets, the ought-six is still one of the top hunting cartridges around.

Hook Shots: Texas Seatrout Throwdown

Many species of saltwater fish from around the country would die if you dropped them in Baffin Bay. They couldn't handle the hyper salinity. Baffin's native seatrout, however, have not only grown accustomed to it, they've grown notoriously big and strong.

"Like a zombie in a cheesy horror movie or some kind of cut-rate Rasputin—poisoned, shot, dumped off a bridge, and rammed through the ice only to appear at your doorstep dripping wet and grinning—the anti-public-lands movement just keeps coming back."

—Hal Herring, on the newly appointed BLM director