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As you rig tackle for spring fishing, chances are you’ll need an Albright knot. It’s used to connect two lines that differ greatly in diameter (say, adding a heavy shock leader to light spinning line). This version includes a lock option to keep the knot from coming undone.

[1] Double 3 inches of the heavier line, then pass 8 inches of the lighter line up through the loop.

[2] Using the tag end of the light line, make 10 to 12 wraps forward toward the end of the heavy-line loop. Pass the tag end of the light line back down through the loop.

[3] Carefully and gently pull on both doubled lines to snug the wraps up against the very end of the heavy-line loop. Now, tighten harder by pulling first on the doubled lines, then on the standing portions of both lines.

[4] To lock, use the light-line tag end to make three wraps around the light-line standing portion, wrapping back toward the knot under the created loop. Gently pull the tag end to snug those wraps against the end of the Al-bright. Pull harder to tighten, then trim. Now your Albright is secure.