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•Accomplished North Carolina bass fisherman Mike Goodman uses standard fishing knots to attach most bass lures. But he favors the snell used by live-bait fishermen when he ties monofilament or braided lines to offset worm hooks. “A snelled hook puts the knot below the eye, where it’s protected from abrasive cover and heavy slip sinkers. Another advantage is that it levers the hook into the bass when you set the hook.”

•The lever action is created by running the line through the eye on the point side of the hook. After it’s tied to the offset portion of the shank, the line pushes down on the top of the eye when the hook is set. This snaps the point out. •Goodman’s snell knots include five to seven turns around the shank. The Uni knot snell is an easy way to snell your hook without having to cut a leader.

  1. Pass the line through the hook’s eye as shown and form a loop.

  2. Wrap the running line down along the shank and standing portion of the loop.

  3. Snug the knot up toward the offset and cinch tight. Trim the tag.