Whitetail Hunting photo
Cliff Gardiner & John Keller

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Here’s a simple and inexpensive way to maintain control of your olfactory aura, while constantly monitoring those oft-fickle September winds.

[1] Raid the dryer. Grab a couple of misplaced white ankle-height socks (80 percent cotton) from atop the dryer. Hand-wash them with no-scent soap.

[2] Load and lock. Fill each sock with a lemon-size amount of scent-controlling talcum powder. Baking soda is a cost-saving substitute. Close the sock securely with a plastic locking cable tie. Trim the excess with side-cutters, and store in a zip-seal freezer bag in the refrigerator.

[3] Protect with a puff. Carry bagged socks into the field in your daypack or pants cargo pockets. Prior to setting out, a quick pat-down with a “soda sock” keeps you clean and cool. A periodic refresher dusting in the stand prevents odors from getting started.

[4] Read the currents. To check wind direction, slap the sock between gloved hands. The fine particulates ride the air currents nicely and keep you abreast of any problematic changes in air movement past your stand.