Big Game Hunting photo

#1 – Kentucky Cheroot
Size: 51⁄2 x 32 (length in inches x ring gauge)
Flavor: A true tobacco taste that’s sweet on the lips
The Smoke: Rustic and woody with a loose ash
Wrapper: Kentucky-Tennessee Maduro
Price: About a buck at the truck stop on the way to camp
Light It… When campfire talk turns to favorite Westerns

#2 – Punch Grand Cru Robusto
Size: 51⁄4 x 50
Flavor: The tastes of ­autumn—allspice, clove, mace
The Smoke: Easy drawing; smooth, even burn throughout
Wrapper: Ecuador Natural
Price: $6 at your local tobacco shop
Light It… When you’re dealt your first hand of poker

#3 – Liga Privada No. 9 Robusto
Size: 5 x 52
Flavor: Nutty with some creamy caramel and cocoa notes
The Smoke: Faint ­smokiness and a tight, white ash
Wrapper: Connecticut Oscuro
Price: $11 at
Light It… To celebrate a memorable hunt

#4 – Arturo Fuente Opus X “A”
Size: 91⁄4 x 47
Flavor: A full-bodied smoke with sweet, spicy undertones of raisin and clove
The Smoke: Smooth draw for such a long cigar, but keep the matches handy
Wrapper: Dominican Puro
Price: $80 at high-end cigar stores or
Light It… After you tag the new world-record buck