Brad Fenson

Contributing Writer

Brad Fenson is a contributing writer for Field & Stream. For over three and a half decades, Brad Fenson has been a freelance communicator and has a long history with Field & Stream. He has written many columns, reviews, and features for the brand—as well as several book projects. Fenson travels the world to find new adventures but spends most of his time exploring western Canada.


  • Covers hunting, fishing, camping, cooking, and conservation
  • Specializes in waterfowl, all aspects of big game, predators, firearms and ballistics, and and cooking


Fenson has received more than 70 national communication awards for writing and photography. Being able to cover a wide range of topics, Fenson has written for more than 50 publications in North America.


A diploma in Fish & Wildlife Management naturally solidified Fenson’s passion for the outdoors. It led to an exciting career in habitat and wildlife management with organizations like Ducks Unlimited and Alberta Fish & Game Association, in addition to being a full-time freelancer.

F&S Lightning Round

Best Hunting Memory: Dall sheep with a muzzleloader in the Mackenzie Mountains
Favorite Fishing Location: Cree River Lodge on Wapata Lake in northern Saskatchewan
Favorite Animal to Hunt: Elk during the rut
Latest Bucket list Adventure: Taking a B&C mountain lion with a crossbow
Pet Peeve: Never enough time to read more books

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